Thin bone: how does it affect training?

Absolutely every person who is engaged in his body knows that just exercise is not enough. Body type is an important factor in the classroom, because in this way you can understand how it reacts to physical exertion, at what rate fat deposits are burned, or muscles grow. With the help of this information you can choose the ideal training regimen for yourself and protect your body from overloads. They say that a thin bone interferes with building muscle: is this really so and is it necessary to put an end to oneself?

Body type – what is it?

Body types are a conditional classification of common types of human figures. In the 1940s, Ulyam Sheldon developed the theory of somatotypes and that was based on the analysis of statistics of anthropological parameters of male students. However, it must be borne in mind that in its pure form ectomorphs, mesomorphs and endomorphs are not so common. As a rule, each person can find signs of several types of figures in his physique. This must be considered when choosing physical activity and diet.

Body types

What is the difference between ectomorphs?

Sheldon classifies thin-boned people as ectomorphs. Narrow feet and ankles, shoulders and hands, long legs and a shortened body are the main signs of ectomorph. It is believed that the ankle in coverage should be no more than 22.5 cm, and the wrist maximum 17.5 cm. Also, the main difference between ectomorphs is that they have virtually no subcutaneous fat, and the reserves and possibilities of muscle building are scanty. The same problems are created by fast metabolism.

Therefore, it is believed that gaining “mass” is quite problematic with this type of body. And the program of physical training for thin ectomorphs should be built on rare but intense exercises with a low number of repetitions, and nutrition – with high calorie foods, and especially a carbohydrate window at the end of the workout.

Thin bones – a sentence or not?

Thin bones are thought to be a sign of low levels of sex hormones responsible for growth. If hormones are less than normal, then the muscles will grow extremely slowly. But the main decisive contribution is made by genetics: if there is one ectomorph in the pair of parents, the probability that the children will be thin-boned is three to one, because normal bone thickness refers to recessive symptoms. Oddly enough, but in this regard, you can fight genetics. Desire, correct action and tireless work will be the key to correcting a natural deficiency.

Indeed, to increase the amount of sex hormones in the body, it is enough to train correctly.

The main role in training is always nutrition. For ectomorph, it is necessary to organize five to six meals with reduced portions, but increased fat content. Also, you need to add carbohydrates: cereals, wholemeal bread. An additional purchase of fish oil is recommended.

Split training. One day – one muscle group. Muscle mass will increase on rest days. Daily training can either not bring results at all, or completely hurt.

Split training

The basic rules that an ectomorph must remember:

Basic weight training program.
Increasing calorie intake by 20-25%.
Emphasis on slow carbohydrates and high-quality protein.


In order for the training to be the most effective and safe – you must completely determine your body type. After all, occupations in the gym can harm the body, not knowing how to properly train it and lose a lot of strength that could go to really productive work. The main thing is safety.


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