These exercises are harmful to the female figure.

There are very few really dangerous exercises that can be harmful to health, and everyone knows about them. Much more good and effective exercises, the implementation of which is undesirable for girls. They give the female figure courageous features, this is appropriate for female bodybuilders, but in ordinary life they try to avoid them. If you work out with a coach, you are unlikely to make these mistakes. This is a guide to unwanted exercises for girls who train on their own.

Each coach constantly hears a phrase from the newly arrived girls that they do not want to get pumped. Women come to the gym most often in order to get rid of extra pounds and tighten their skin in certain places, less often – to give their body volume due to a small increase in muscle mass.

With an independent choice of exercises, muscles may appear not where needed. For example, many men dream of press cubes, while girls want to get just a flat stomach without any cubes. Uncontrolled exercises on simulators and with free weight can bring a girl massive biceps and calves, drawing muscles on her back, broad shoulders, these phenomena of a girl are called pumping.

Remember these exercises and avoid them if you do not want to lose female external fragility.

Barbell Press & Dumbbell

Press exercises are known for the effect of dispersing fat mass in the chest area. For men, this is appropriate, for girls – not very, since the size of the bust depends on the volume of fat mass in the chest area. If you overdo it with these exercises, your chest will become smaller and lose its natural shape.

barbell bench press

Shoulder load

Embossed shoulders will brighten up the man’s body, they will make the girl’s body disproportionate and make them forget about dresses and T-shirts on thin straps. These exercises include bench presses from the chest and from behind, girls should better avoid them.

bench press

Loads on the latissimus dorsi

Exercises with a similar action, aimed at the latissimus dorsi, are also undesirable for girls. This is the pull of the upper and lower blocks, draft in the tilt position, and even ordinary pull-ups. With them, the back will actually become wide, especially if you add the retention of pancakes and visas on the horizontal bar.


Biceps and Triceps Exercises

Exercises with a barbell and other free weights for biceps and triceps relieve sagging hands and give strength that is useful for other elements. But at one point, the girl can strain her hands and see powerful banks that she does not need. You can do such exercises, but subject to load control.

<img src = "" alt = "Exercises on

Weighted lunges forward

Girls should do such attacks, but not forward, but backward to have an effect on the gluteal muscles. Lunges with a forward weight will increase the quadriceps, that is, the front muscle of the thigh, the legs will become larger and will look massive.

Weighted lunges forward

Useless exercises

Some exercises are not dangerous, but they do not bring the effect that is expected of them. For example, lifting legs from a supine position, they will not help increase muscle mass and bring health benefits, but everyone expects them to do something else – getting rid of fat deposits on the stomach. Raising the legs will not give this effect, for this we need comprehensive training and proper nutrition. Mixing-breeding legs in the simulator will bring only stretching, with low leg swings, it is not worth waiting for miracles from these exercises. Perhaps you should not spend time on them, which could take to perform more effective exercises.


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