The Pros and Cons of Twine: Important Stretching Questions

Recently, there are many who want to boast of twine, and demand creates supply. There are many online marathons, various courses, videos and articles on stretching. Twine is a beautiful and spectacular exercise for which girls are ready for a lot. In our time of visualization and development of social networks, a beautiful photo in twine collects many likes and looks harmoniously in the tape. Twine is longitudinal (legs are one in front, the other behind) and transverse (legs to the sides). Can everyone sit on the twine? Yes, almost everything, but there are people with physiological characteristics who are not able to sit on the transverse twine.

What is a stretch for?

Twine is not only a spectacular photo, but also the flexibility of the body. Flexibility is very important for any person, it is a healthy back without pain, direct posture, smooth spine, mobile joints and all this regardless of age. Stretching can be done by people who lead a sedentary lifestyle and athletes. Stretching done before a workout will warm you up and prepare your muscles for exertion, and after a workout you can relax your muscles and relieve pain. In addition, stretching helps to ensure a rush of blood to the pelvic organs, slows down the aging process and improves muscle tone.

Also, with the help of stretching, you can relax and relieve nervous tension.

Very often there are questions about the timing for which you can sit on the twine. Is it realistic to do this in a month or two weeks? It all depends on the natural flexibility of man. Someone really needs only a month, and someone needs a couple of years. And the first and second options are quite normal. Each person is individual. Stretching is very necessary for the calf muscles, buttock, pectoral, shoulder muscles, etc.

Stretching – an assistant in losing weight?

Like any sport, stretching can help lose weight, but as always, everything has its own nuances. In order to lose weight with the help of stretching, you need a diet and training regime. If you just practice stretching and eat everything, losing weight will not work.

In addition, questions often arise about whether stretching helps to get relief. Here we can safely say no. Stretching helps to make the body flexible, and you can get a relief if you are engaged in a mix of yoga, Pilates and ballet or in one word “barre”.

Trainer or home workout?

As mentioned above, there are many online stretching courses and marathons nowadays. And so the question arises, how is it better to do stretching: alone at home on video lessons or with a trainer in the gym? Both options are suitable. The main thing in this matter is not to overdo it. Tearing the ligaments is very easy, and the recovery process is very long. Classes with a coach are understandable, but if you do study at home on your own, you need to follow some rules:

twine stretching must be done on preheated muscles, i.e. before training, a 15-20 minute warm-up is required;
during stretching we do not hold our breath, you need to breathe calmly (exhale is done on an effort);
during stretching there should not be sharp pain, if this happened it is necessary to stop and understand what is the reason (pulling pain is allowed);
all movements are performed slowly, without sudden movements;
Stretching does not need to be done every day, just two or three lessons per week.

If all the rules are followed, you can avoid injuries and get a beautiful stretch.

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