The hidden danger of push-ups on the uneven bars

The most common exercise on the uneven bars is push-ups, they are done by everyone who trains on sports street venues. Exercise is accessible and at first glance seems simple, but this does not mean that it is safe. Pushing up on the uneven bars, it is easy to make a mistake and, instead of increasing strength and improving physical fitness, get a painful injury and a long rehabilitation time without any sports. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of push-ups on the uneven bars, what danger they pose in themselves.

Push-ups on the bars are so popular because of their high efficiency, the results from them come faster than with conventional push-ups from the floor. There are bars on every street sports complex, but they will not require anything, this makes the exercise affordable. But with the wrong approach, it will become truly dangerous.

To push-ups on the uneven bars should not be thoughtlessly approached and rush to do them without having studied the technique. The most common mistakes are to fall lower than necessary and stay at the top point longer than necessary, fully extending your arms. Both errors lead to sprains in the arms.

squeezing on the uneven bars

Dips and injuries

The main reason for this is inexperience. When a person begins to do push-ups on the uneven bars, he notices marked improvements in the condition of the muscles of the chest. These muscles are stretched, become more mobile. The lower you go down during performance, the better your chest will stretch, but a beginner should not do this, as his hands are most likely not ready for such loads. If you fall too low, the risk of injuring the shoulder ligaments and the clavicular-acromial joint will increase, it is in the area where the clavicle and scapula meet.

This is not all, improperly performing push-ups on the uneven bars will harm the elbow joints. The lower you go, the higher the load on the elbows, so it is important to ensure that the angle in the elbow is not less than 90 degrees.

Too strong flexion of the elbows will lead to various problems from mild discomfort to real arthrosis with all the ensuing consequences.

For many, the wrists are the most vulnerable area, even professional athletes suffer from this. In this case, the entire body weight falls on them, the wrists are fixed in one place in one position, but at the same time they perform very hard work. In order not to take risks, before you try push-ups on the uneven bars, you need to be puzzled by the strengthening of the wrists, and do not stop this process until the program contains exercises with such a high load on them. Athletes often use elastic bandages to wrap their wrists in order to perform push-ups on the uneven bars and other difficult exercises, this is done to reduce discomfort, but does not compensate for the lack of training.


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