The best pair training – running, crossfit and others

In order to fully discover all the joys of sports, you need to try paired training with someone you trust. Beloved person, brother or sister, friend or girlfriend – it does not matter who it is. With a pair of training format, you will not only keep your body in shape, but also develop communication skills, learn a little more about the psychology of relationships. It has been tested and proven that paired workouts better help get rid of stress, and they are characterized by a high level of motivation.

The main reason for the loss of fitness motivation is boredom; it will not bother you in pair training. The same exercise when executed with a partner will be different each time. Well-known and already a little boring exercises become different, you will always have someone to discuss the training plan and nutrition with for achieving the best results.

Who is better to train with?

When choosing a partner for training, it is advisable to give preference to the person who, according to the complexion, will approximately correspond to you. It’s also good to have an equal level of fitness. But if you want to train with only one single friend and no one else, and he differs from you in height and weight, then this can be fixed.

When paired training of people with different complexion in the exercises make the appropriate adjustments. For example, when doing vertical push-ups, the one who is taller and larger can sit on a chair, the one who is lower can climb a sill or platform. The difference in growth must be compensated first of all, otherwise excess movements will make the load level different. If the partner is stronger and more enduring than you, then take this as an advantage, you will have to significantly increase your level in order to start training on an equal footing.

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Why is it better to train in pairs?

There are several undeniable advantages of pair training:

The ability to insure each other – allows you to perform exercises without fear, protect your health;
Inexhaustible motivation – a friend or girlfriend will support at a time when nothing happens and you want to quit everything. Perhaps there will be healthy competition between you, which will work as a driving force;
Strengthened load – exercises with the weight of your own body become more difficult and interesting, because in addition to your own weight, you can have resistance to the weight of the partner;
Something new and interesting – when paired, more hormone of joy of endorphin is released, from this you are constantly in high spirits, everything is interesting to you;
Relationship development – the sport teaches to trust each other in a special way, from this any kind of relationship becomes stronger.

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What fitness to choose for pair training?


These are cyclic workouts with short pauses between circles or without them at all. The crossfit feature is a combination of different types of loads – aerobic and power, with them all indicators develop simultaneously – strength, agility, endurance, speed, stretching, a sense of balance and rhythm. By doing crossfit for a couple, you will achieve an improvement in these qualities much faster.

Such training is easy to adapt to different levels of stress, which is suitable for partners with different levels of sports training.


If you, like your partner, do not get excited about the thought of visiting the gym, then you can run together. You will not miss workouts because you do not want to let each other go, so you can quickly reach a new level in distance, speed and endurance. Regular jogging is a way to strengthen immunity and overall health, to get rid of excess weight and stress.


Pair stretching is more perspective than independent classes. Stretching can be used as the main program for training, as well as a necessary addition to strength training. Stretching effectively strengthens the muscles, and also relieves excess tension from them, in a pair it is especially convenient to engage in power stretching.

Other workouts

There are few such training programs that cannot be adapted to the pair format. Even swimming in the pool on adjacent tracks will be a pair training provided that joint exercises on land and coordination of programs are performed. In some areas, a pair format is initially provided – these are pair dances, yoga, martial arts.


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