Stretching: fitness for a flexible and slim body

Powerful and active fitness areas are not suitable for everyone. With problematic joints, the presence of excess kilograms or in the age gap of menopause sharp motor activity is contraindicated. In this case, people wishing to keep themselves in shape are advised to pay attention to low-impact physical loads – for example, stretching, which improves the flexibility and elasticity of fabrics.

Stretching – one of the best areas of fitness

This system is a set of exercises for stretching all muscles and developing joints. The direction arose as a result of the development of the Swedish coaches, who were looking for the ideal option for toning up the muscles of athletes preparing for competitions. Initially, all warming elements were carried out before the start of the main training complex, and later, stretching became a separate sports area.

Fitness program stretching is ideal as a workout. Slow and gradual stretching of muscle tissue, followed by relaxation, increases their tone and carefully prepares the body for more powerful physical exercises, several times lowering the probability of injury and strength. Also in the process of warming up the salt deposits are rapidly removed from the synovial fluid, which significantly reduces the friction of cartilage and bones.

Thanks to the warm-up at the beginning of the training, blood flow and lymphatic drainage are improved, the muscles of the heart are prepared for active work: this makes the following exercises much less painful and traumatic. If you carry out the elements for stretching both before and after the main training unit, you can successfully disperse the metabolism, burn off excess calories and remove excess stress from the muscles.

The benefits of stretching exercises

The benefits of stretching exercises

The positive effect of physical activity for stretching the muscles is that it involves not only external, but also deep muscles. The effect of high-quality therapeutic massage is also successfully achieved. As a result of the acceleration of blood circulation, oxygen is properly circulated through all tissues, preventing stagnant diseases.

Stretching has been a part of modern anti-cellulite programs for a long time: warming up muscles helps to remove metabolic decay products from soft tissues and excess liquid – the main cause of orange peel. If you do stretching fitness on a regular basis, you can simulate a taut figure without resorting to exhausting sports programs.

With constant performance, fat deposits will go away from the hips, buttocks, sides, muscles will be tightened, the posture will improve, and the skin will become more elastic. Additionally, stretching fitness programs help to get rid of nervous overstrain, reduce the likelihood of stress, strengthen the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems, and prevent the risks of early heart attacks and strokes.

Who is suitable for stretching: the recommendations of professionals

Stretching is a slow low-impact gymnastics with measured movements that exclude trauma and rapid muscle fatigue. These exercises will be a salvation for people who are forbidden strong loads, but there is a need to increase their physical activity. At the same time, a person’s level of training can be minimal: you can practice stretching in the gym or at home.

In order for stretching classes to bring only positive emotions, it is not necessary to train for muscle pain, but only for easy exertion – this is the main rule that many beginners ignore. The load on the muscles should be smooth, slow, so in the process of training it is recommended not to perform spring-loaded movements, but only to linger briefly in a static position, giving the muscles time to adapt to the new element.

If a person prefers combined dynamic isometric loads, during a fitness workout, you can change the pace of the movements: in this case, the muscles will be loaded more.

Fitness program for home stretching

A home fitness program for stretching includes variations of basic movements that can be alternated at your discretion. It is possible to conduct the complex both before the main occupation and after.

At the beginning of the training, perform a simple warm-up complex.

Raise your arms and reach up with your shoulder joints and chest. Hold this position for 15-30 seconds. Take a deep breath, and then repeat each element in 3-4 approaches.
Pull your outstretched arms behind your back, firmly join your palms in the lock, retract the abdominal muscles of the press and bend down to the deepest point.
Bend your knees slightly, touch the floor surface with your hands. Try to straighten your knees so that your legs are stretched forward.
Position your feet shoulder-width or hip, place your right hand on your side just below the waist, and raise your left hand. Begin to stretch your left limb first to the right side, tilting the torso behind the arm, then to the left side from the starting position. At peak moments, stay in a static pose for 12-15 seconds.
Take a sitting position on the floor, spread your feet wide and smoothly stretch alternately to each knee, fixing yourself in statics for 15-30 seconds.
Lie on your back, pull your knees to the chest, clasp your legs with your palms. Bend and pull the chin to the knees – linger briefly in statics.

After fitness, relax your muscles: for 1-2 minutes, lie on your back in silence or under quiet music.

Stretching Exercise Tips

Stretching Exercise Tips

One of the secrets of effective fitness is systematic, because the muscles at the termination of training rapidly loses the acquired flexibility.

The main contraindications for heating the muscles are serious ailments of the spine, congenital abnormalities of the cardiovascular system, varicose veins, inflammatory diseases of the tendons and ligaments, the postoperative and post-traumatic period.

The optimal duration of a standard workout is 30-40 minutes. All physical activities of the complex are recommended to be carried out according to the feasible number of approaches and repetitions, taking no more than 1 minute to one exercise.

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