Strength and muscle size – what’s the difference?


In gyms it is often possible to observe an amusing and surprising picture: the jock-weightlifter lifts unrealistic weights, but barely gets up from the squat, makes the camp and rests a lot. Nearby is engaged in an ordinary athlete. He doesn’t have a mountain of muscles, but he performs a similar program with little or no strain and doesn’t look shocked even after several approaches. One has increased muscles, the second has developed in itself power qualities. It is worth figuring out what is better: increase muscle volume or work on muscle strength.

Size doesn’t matter

Any bodybuilder is stronger than an unprepared person. After all, they have voluminous muscles with thick fibers, which produce great strength during contraction. At the same time, any athlete involved in power sports, stronger than such an athlete. There are several reasons for this:

Features of the nervous system. The muscle contracts when the brain gives the appropriate signal. The more fibers are reduced, the more force a person produces. The maximum number of muscle fibers is excited when working with particularly heavy weights.
The stiffness of the tendons does not allow the muscles to shorten to change the angle of the bend of the joint. The muscle contracts simultaneously with flexion of the joint, which significantly increases the force of movement. The best result is achieved when working with large weights: from 90 percent.
Activating the right muscles. Movement achieves maximum strength if some muscles tighten, while others relax. Movement is brought to automatism by repeated repetition. Due to this, coordination is improved, and the muscles remember the phases of tension and relaxation.
Elaboration of all the muscles of the body. When performing exercises, athletes maximize the use of all muscle groups. They develop abdominal muscles, buttocks and extensors of the back, which increases the stability of the body and the strength of the athlete.

Bodybuilders set themselves the task of building muscle. Therefore, they regularly replace one exercise with another, work on different simulators and with different weights. Muscles do not get used to the load and grow due to constant stress. Attention is directed mainly to the development of the pectoral muscles, arms and shoulder girdle. Legs, back and press in most cases, little attention is paid, which affects the strength of movements.


Build up and increase

To increase the power performance, you need to do with the largest weights (each determines the specific weight independently or with the help of a fitness instructor). The number of repetitions – 2-5 times in one approach. Preference should be given to multi-joint exercises. It is better if this is a kind of model of the situation in which you need to show strength. If you want to learn how to do a squat, you need to squat.

If the work is associated with the transfer of weight, you can accustom the muscles to such loads in the gym. The body will gradually get used to the same movements. Muscle fibers will strain less, antagonist muscles will relax, and synergist stabilizing muscles will maintain balance.

If you are interested in a set of muscle mass, it is worth diversifying a set of exercises. Here it is allowed to try new versions of familiar movements: to work on another simulator, to change the bend angle. The number of exercises in the approach should be increased up to 8-12 times, and the weight should be chosen in such a way as to fully work out. Such training will stimulate muscle growth.

Set of muscle mass

Strength or height — which is better

It is not uncommon for novice athletes to pursue muscle mass, forgetting about power performance. It happens and vice versa: the beginner wants to increase strength, and he has looked after the complex for muscle growth. In order not to be trapped, it is worth getting acquainted with the features of each type of sports activities.

Training for a set of muscle mass suggest work with low weight. Therefore, they can be considered relatively safe for the joint and ligament apparatus. Such classes are suitable for both beginners and advanced athletes. In the course of the training process there will be a frequent change of exercises, their variations and complexes.

This is especially appreciated by those who are tired of monotonous exercises.

Strength training involves working with extreme weights. The load on the joints and ligaments will increase significantly. It is necessary to warm up to warm the joint-ligament apparatus. To avoid injuries will help properly mastered equipment, so at first it is necessary to train under the supervision of a fitness instructor. At the same time, the number of times will decrease, and the approaches will become shorter. When working on strength, only working weights change insignificantly, and the list of exercises remains the same.

When choosing a specific set of exercises for strength or muscle growth, it is worth starting from the goal you want to achieve: to make a beautiful body, improve the muscles in training or effortlessly cope with working moments. It is not forbidden to create a kind of mix that combines strength training and muscle growth exercises. The benefits will be tangible, and the risk of injury will be reduced. Experienced athletes will probably cope with this task on their own, and for beginners it is better to consult with an instructor who will help you find suitable exercises.


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