Sport during pregnancy

Sport during pregnancy: is it possible or impossible? And how to get in shape after childbirth? These questions are very puzzling to young mothers. They are frightened that physical activity is contraindicated during pregnancy, when before that they were carried out in the gym several hours a week. This is sometimes to blame for other advisers who almost clutch at their hearts when they hear something about pregnant women who go to the gym. In fact, everything is not as scary as it might seem. We find out whether it is possible to play sports during pregnancy.

Sport during pregnancy planning

The main advice – do not overdo it in the pursuit of a slim figure. Excessive load on the body will lead to the fact that hormones will be produced less, which means that the chances of getting pregnant will decrease. Excessive sports can also affect after childbirth – there will be less milk and it will be of poor quality. But you can’t start yourself either – you need to keep fit. If you don’t go to the gym, then go up the stairs on foot, take a walk, spend a weekend in the park on roller skates or a bicycle, and in winter on skis or skates. You will be grateful to yourself for such preparation, because it is easier to get back into shape after childbirth if you have trained muscles.

It is best to do fitness during preparation for an interesting position: yoga, gymnastics, aerobics. The main thing is not to overdo it with problem areas: the back and the press. During classes, do not rush and make sudden movements. The best option would be to consult with a professional who will draw up an individual exercise program. If you experience pain or discomfort during class, they should be discontinued.

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Sports during the first trimester of pregnancy

One must be careful with sports during pregnancy in the early stages, but this does not mean that one should completely abandon it. No, girls in position need to move and keep their muscles in good shape. Doctors can completely refuse sports. Thus, they strive to avoid unpleasant consequences: miscarriage, placental abruption or premature birth.

It is a mistake to believe that exercise during pregnancy is permitted only until the stomach is visible.

Because of this, future mothers seem to try to catch up in advance and do not rest, exhausting the body with training. This is a profound error. In the first trimester, you need to be especially careful with yourself, because the fetal egg is still weakly fixed in the mother's body.


Take these rules into account when exercising early in pregnancy (and later)

The pulse should be no more than 125-140 beats per minute;
Avoid sudden movements and strong stretching;
Once every 15 minutes, stop to rest and drink;
Watch the temperature of the air in the room: it should not be higher than 38 degrees;
Do not sit and do not stand without movement, otherwise it will hurt;
Sport during the second trimester of pregnancy.

This is the most optimal period for exercise during pregnancy. You yourself may want to pump your body, because this is the period when women experience a surge of strength. Intelligent sports in the second trimester will only bring benefits – sleep will become stronger, mood will rise, swelling will subside. Perhaps even childbirth will be easier.

Which sport during the third trimester of pregnancy to choose

Typically, women already give up sports during this period, because at the end of the ninth month they even have difficulty walking. Do not overwork if you feel a lack of strength. Still, completely abandoning training is also not worth it. Avoid weight training and those that can cause shortness of breath.


What kind of sports can I do during pregnancy?

Water aerobics. For girls who have not previously played sports, this is the most suitable option, because water eases the load on the spine and prevents sharp movements. Exercises must be done in an upright position – this is how the muscles of the back and legs are trained.

Swimming. Here you can list all the same advantages of water: calming the muscles, cooling, relieving stress. You will feel extraordinary relief from being in the water, as if all your weight was gone. Swimming stimulates the outflow of blood from the lower extremities – this will allow you to quickly recover after childbirth. It is recommended to swim with a brass or on the back.
Stretching. A light load on the muscles gives a charge of vivacity and positive. Pregnant women will also benefit from the skill of managing pain and switching to a relaxed state, which is what they teach in stretching. But you can’t do it yourself, because not all poses are allowed.

Professional sports during pregnancy

Ingrid Kristiansen did not just go in for sports during pregnancy – she participated in the Olympic running games. And everything went fine. But such a heavy load can negatively affect the child – you spend too much energy and nutrients are spent on its production. It is these useful minerals that a child may not get. To some extent, pregnant women are even more adapted to sports. Pregnant women have better thermoregulation and cardiovascular activity. Changes in the hormonal background entail greater flexibility in the joints. And thanks to an increase in the concentration of red blood cells, organs and tissues are more saturated with oxygen.


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