How to protect your skin during training in the gym or outdoors?

Exercising in the gym and jogging or doing yoga in the park are of great benefit to the body, but sometimes improperly selected sportswear or inadequate skin care after the gym can cause irritation or inflammation. Everyone can have sunburn, calluses and scuffs, so we advise you to read a few rules that will help protect your skin during sports.

Skin irritation

They can arise due to too tight clothing, rough seams or simply from constant friction on delicate skin areas: on the hips, around the straps from a sports sconce or on the armpits. If you notice such a problem, look for a special cream or gel from rubbing in some sports store. They usually look like a small ball deodorant that covers the skin with a thin layer of a cosmetic product with petroleum jelly. This allows you to calmly play sports, as problem areas become a little slippery and do not rub for a long time. With excessive sweating, try to sprinkle such places with ordinary baby powder so that it can absorb excess moisture. In case of severe irritation, buy a special healing ointment with panthenol, petroleum jelly or glycerin. It will help calm the skin and prevent it from drying out too much. In order to speed up the recovery process, try dressing with these ointments.


Corns on legs

New or uncomfortable shoes can sometimes rub your foot unpleasantly. Even sneakers that should be soft, like a little cloud of paradise. Unpleasant corns or corns appear on the heels or on the fingers, which can cause inconvenience for another whole week. To prevent this, you need to learn how to choose sports shoes. Sneakers should be made of soft and breathable material, and the size should be somewhere half a centimeter larger than regular shoes.

From running and physical activity, blood begins to circulate throughout our body, so the feet can begin to swell and slightly increase by the end of the workout.

It is also important to pay attention to lacing. Too weak will not be able to fix the leg, therefore, it can lead to injury, and too strong complicates the blood supply in the foot. For some people, the foot can be a little non-standard, so there are certain places that they rub in almost any shoe. If you are one of these, try to tape this place in advance. As for the already formed corns, in no case should you open it if it has not yet burst. It can cause an infection. Cover the corns with a special patch, but do not forget to remove them periodically so that the skin breathes and can dry out.

Acne on the body

Exercising makes us sweat a lot, so people with a tendency to acne on their faces may face the same problem on their back, neck or chest. To get started, you should choose the right clothes. Do not wear cotton T-shirts – they absorb moisture well, but dry out for a very long time and can provoke the development of a fungal infection. In addition, sweat is mixed with sebum and dirt (especially after training on the street), which causes clogging of the pores.

Prefer synthetic sportswear, as it absorbs moisture well and dries very quickly. After training, do not miss a shower and do not put it off until home. Salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, or various types of AHA acids can help protect your skin from inflammation. Apply them immediately to problem areas immediately after a shower.



They can occur in those who prefer outdoor workouts to gym workouts. Protective clothing will help against this problem: sweaters with long sleeves and long pants, and a cap will protect the face. There is even a special sports uniform that can protect from the sun. Do not forget about the importance of sunscreen, which must be used all year round. The greater the SPF protection factor, the better. It must be applied in a thick layer and go out only after complete absorption. You need to smear even the ears, lips, eyelids and neck. Do not forget that the sun's rays can harm the skin even in cloudy and snowy weather, when it seems that the sun is certainly not there. If you suddenly do more than two hours, you need to apply a new layer of cream.


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