How to learn to do tricks on a skateboard

Before you begin to learn tricks on a skateboard, you need to make sure that you have mastered the technique of falling, that is, you know how to fall with minimal damage. But even in this circumstance, you need to practice tricks in a helmet, especially if you ride in a concrete bowl. If you want to achieve a quick result, then train with a trainer, he will teach you the correct technique and point out problem points. If you have nowhere to rush, then you can try to learn the tricks yourself.

Each of these tricks is a basic level of skate proficiency. Based on these tricks, you will learn to perform more complex techniques, so it is very important to master them in the right technique. There are several points that you must control every second – the stand, how the body weight is distributed, the position of the back. You also need to learn to feel the moment when the skate is about to touch the pipe, but it comes with experience. If you already know how to ride in a ramp, then you will surely succeed.

Rock to fakie

To perform this trick you need to hear three clicks. When approaching the end of the ramp, you hear the first click when the skate is placed on the pipe. Then the rear wheels touch the radius and you hear a second click. A third click sounds when the front wheels touch the radius.

Rock to fakie

Backside fifty

During the turn, the shoulders should be located strictly parallel to the skate, otherwise nothing will work. The body weight falls on the heels, approaching the radius, it must be transferred to the leg located behind. You get on the rear suspension, then the front suspension hits the ramp. Do not forget about the correct position of the shoulders when leaving the ramp.

You can’t throw a skate on a ramp, you need to perform actions according to this algorithm, through the rear suspension.

Backside rock’n’roll

Like Rock to Fakie, but with a complication in the form of a U-turn. First you need to turn your shoulders in the direction you plan to make a U-turn, then the same three clicks follow, after which you can expand the board. You will drive off the ramp in your rack, it is this position that you will accept after turning 180 degrees.

Backside rock’n’roll

Frontside rock’n’roll

Almost the same thing, but now the shoulders will turn not through the face, but through the back, to the other side. At the moment when the skate hits the ramp, the shoulders are already deployed in the right direction, then the same three clicks and a 180-degree turn follow.

Once you master these basic elements, your level of ownership of the board will improve markedly. After that, you can proceed to the development of more complex techniques.


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