How to increase the number of pushups?

General physical training is the basis of any sport because it develops the strength and endurance of an athlete. In the course of OFP, athletes with experience improve their strength qualities, and beginners form a muscular corset. Traditionally, the complex OFP includes a number of exercises with its weight. These are squats, pull-ups, abdominal exercises. But the most "favorite" are pushups. These exercises develop strength qualities perfectly, but their implementation tires even professionals, not to mention beginner athletes. And yet many adherents of a healthy lifestyle want to increase the number of push-ups from the floor in one approach. This is really to learn, you just need patience, do not chase a quick result and listen to the advice of coaches.

Push-up Technique

When properly executed, the body forms a straight line. Hands – shoulder width (the so-called classic version of push-ups), but you can arrange a little wider. The angle between the elbows and the body is not more than 45 degrees. While inhaling, the body goes down smoothly, the chin should touch the floor. At the end point, arms should be bent in elbows at an angle of less than 90 degrees. On the exhale, the arms unbend and the body returns to its original position.

Such an exercise can be a daunting task for beginners. Therefore, they should pay attention to the push-ups from the knees. Performance requirements are similar to the classic version, and make them much easier. As you get used to the training process, this type of push-ups can be replaced with the usual “lying down”.

How to find out your maximum

Before you increase the number of push-ups, you need to know your maximum for today. To do this, take an emphasis lying down and push-ups, following the correct technique. The “test” is considered complete when the muscles get tired so that it will be impossible to continue the execution. Trained athletes can try the option of the maximum number of pushups for several approaches. Beginners will only need one approach with the maximum number of times. Both are encouraged to turn on the stopwatch in order to monitor the time taken to complete the exercise. These figures must be recorded and proceed to build your own system of training, which will allow to achieve the best results.

man wrung out

Training system

Sports literature and the World Wide Web offer a wealth of different training schemes. However, none of them can be taken as a guide to action, since each is designed for a specific athlete with certain strength indicators. Therefore, you need to build a training system based on your own physical abilities. For example, for beginners, the best option would be training, during which he does 3-4 approaches 12-15 times (if his maximum is 20). Rest between sets should not exceed 45 seconds, and the workouts themselves should be conducted three times a week. For example, Monday-Wednesday-Friday. This is necessary in order to adapt the muscles to unusual loads.

The training itself should be as follows:

Warm up (prepare the body for physical exertion, “accelerate” the pulse, warm the ligaments, muscles and joints). Includes exercises aimed at warming up the fingers and hands, shoulder joints, neck muscles. Before training you need to warm up the hip, knee and ankle;
Basic training (push-ups with a little rest between sets);
Hitch (restores breathing, reduces pulse rate). It is recommended to perform stretching exercises as a hitch.

stretch after pushups

After this two-week training, you can get down to more serious work: do only 2-3 approaches, but with the maximum number of times. Often, newbies with horror notice that even on the second approach, there are fewer pushups. Nothing wrong with that, because the muscles need to get used to the new load. When it turns out to perform the same number of push-ups in each approach, you need to consolidate the success, and two or three workouts to adhere to this number.

About a week later, the number of push-ups should be increased by one or two times. When you get the feeling that this is not the limit, you can add another one or two units. As the muscles get used to the load, the number of push-ups from the floor will also increase. There is no specific time frame, because a lot depends on the individual characteristics of the students. Therefore, athletes are encouraged to keep a diary and record in it the results of each approach and training in general.

How to diversify the training process

As soon as the muscles adapt to the loads, the desire will automatically appear not only to increase the number of times, but also to try complex types of push-ups from the floor:

A wide arm setting develops the pectoral muscles;
Push-ups with narrow arms put the triceps and front deltas. A similar load is given by the so-called diamond push-ups or “diamond-shaped” push-ups, when the arms are set in such a way that the palms form a diamond;
The explosive loading of the pectoral muscles is given by push-ups with cotton, when you need to get up to the starting position, gently lower to the floor, and then sharply push yourself up, lift your hands off the floor, clap your hands under the breast and return to the starting position.

push ups with pops

When the arm muscles get stronger, you can go to the push-ups on one arm, which pump through the chest and triceps. Push-ups on the fingers strengthen the bones and contribute to the development of the strength of the hands.

Deep pushups between two supports in 10-15 cm in height will increase the amplitude of the movement and better work out the muscles. Significantly increase the load of push-ups with a burden. As the latter, you can wear a heavy backpack.

More complex variations should be diluted with classic pushups from the floor, which evenly load the chest, shoulders and triceps. It should be borne in mind that at least three approaches should be allocated to each version of push-ups, and the number of repetitions is determined in the same way as the classical version. To strengthen different parts of the pectoral muscles, you should pay attention to pushups in different planes. For example, push-ups from the support with an emphasis on the edge of the sofa, chair or table, contribute to the study of the lower chest.

When push-ups, when the emphasis is taken to the floor, and the legs are above the body, the upper chest is under heavy load. Such a study will make the muscles stronger, which has a beneficial effect on the result. A major role is played not only by the quality of the training, but also by the recovery period. Rest after each lesson is required. You can not start to perform the maximum number of pushups without a break.

Unusual stress exhausts the body, and instead of the desired result is chronic fatigue.

You can not train at high temperatures. It is better to direct all forces to the treatment and start training when the body is stronger after the illness. And if after training there is a strong pain in the muscles, it is worth increasing the rest time. Regular classes and attentive attitude to your body will not only increase the number of push-ups from the floor, but also improve your health.


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