How to fix your posture and get rid of back pain?

If you feel back pain when you are sitting, standing, or moving, but your health is normal, most likely you have problems with posture. If you are told that some exercise is guaranteed to relieve your back pain, this will be a big lie. In order to correct posture and get rid of back pain, an integrated approach is needed. But no smart workout plan will help if you don’t take care of your body outside the gym. The position of the body in everyday life is more important than you can imagine.

All adults know what back pain is, many face it regularly. The reason is in the way of life, for example, working on legs or in a sitting position at a computer. When you do not exercise, most of the time your body spends in three positions – standing, lying and sitting.

In order to not hurt the back, you need to stand and sit to minimize unnecessary muscle activity and unbalanced tension in the joints.

The following recommendations are aimed at achieving these goals, they are designed to bring the body into a more effective position and correct posture.

Less pain while standing

How to:

Your feet should look straight or be slightly turned outward;
Do not lean to the right or left, the weight should be evenly distributed in the feet, so that one of the legs is not subjected to more stress;
Your ears, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles should be in line.

How wrong:

Weight transferred to one side, to one of the legs;
The upper back is slouching;
Head extended forward.

In order to instantly force your body to take the correct position, you need to make three quick small jumps. It looks funny, but it actually helps, jumping helps to align your legs and restore balance, the body will gain an ideal pose.

back pain when standing

Less pain while sitting

How to:

Feet stand on the floor and are located, as in a standing position – directly or slightly turned outward;
The hips are bent at an angle of 90 degrees;
Weight is evenly distributed on both buttocks;
Ears, shoulders and hips are in line;
Face is facing forward, eyes are looking forward.

How wrong:

One foot crossed to another;
The upper back is slouching;
The head extends forward;
One shoulder is below the other.

In order to take the correct sitting position, put both feet on the floor, then raise both hands above your head. Put your hands down, drawing your elbows back. Raising your arms above your head, you stretch your spine, drawing your elbows back, you open your chest, preventing the hump syndrome, which develops with sedentary work.

back pain when sitting

Less lying pain

How to:

Lying on its side, so that one knee, shoulder and thigh are located directly above the opposite;
Hips and knees slightly bent;
A cushion of a suitable size under the head, between the knees and arms to give the body a neutral position.

How wrong:

Lying on your back, unnaturally arching your neck;
Lying on its side with one shoulder or hip turned relative to the second:
Lying on its side, curled up in a fetal position.

back pain when lying

Accustom your body to the correct position gradually, start with a pillow sandwiched between the knees. You will gradually train your body, teach it to sleep in the right position, from this the quality of sleep will become higher, and you will not want to return to your old wrong habits.

It is common for your body to adapt to those postures in which it spends more time. Repeat the techniques described here regularly, and then the posture will normalize as a result – you will cease to experience pain due to an incorrect position.


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