How to choose sports shoes for fitness training?

Today, more and more people are joining fitness classes. The overall improvement of the body, improving physical fitness, body relief and mood – this is only a small part of the advantages that sport brings. In order for physical activity to give the desired result and not cause discomfort, it is important to choose the right equipment, in particular – shoes. Therefore, the question of choosing the right shoe is relevant for each athlete.

There are several criteria that should be relied upon when buying sports shoes: the type of sport and exercises that are planned to be performed, structural features of the feet, personal preferences, etc. Consider each of them in more detail and find out how to choose shoes for fitness.

Sports shoes for cross-country physical loads

Sports shoes for cross-country physical loads

In modern stores that sell sports shoes, there is a huge selection of sneakers, each of which is designed for different kinds of physical activity. Therefore, you can not buy them, just on the basis of whether they like it or not. For example, when buying shoes for running you need to consider a number of the following factors:

running area;
planned distance;
climatic features;
depreciation, clutch, tread products;
stiffness of the heel, toe, etc.

So, for running fitness over rough terrain, shoes are needed that securely fix the foot, with protection from pollution and good adhesion of the sole. Running shoes for running on asphalt tracks should have good cushioning properties. For the race for long distances, most athletes choose the so-called "marathons" – these are shoes with thin soles made of lightweight material and with a minimum difference between the toe and the heel.

Sneakers for running fitness in the hall are somewhat different requirements. They must be, above all, comfortable, as well as lightweight, breathable, with a soft and flexible sole. Shoes for this kind of physical activity should not have high shock-absorbing properties. The main thing is that it allows the foot to move naturally, freely, and the athlete to make jumps and walk easily. Such sneakers are also great for everyday wear.

Sneakers for strength training

Heavy fitness (powerlifting, weightlifting, bodybuilding, etc.), as well as strength exercises suggest a hard set of legs, full pressing of the foot to the floor. The foot during the training should not be loose, and the sole of the shoe should not slide. If the shoes squeeze a little, the weight distribution on the feet will be disturbed and the performance will decrease.

So, professional weightlifters for classes choose “ratchets” – shoes with a hard sole, plastic or wooden heel, height from 12 to 20 mm. Such products provide a stable, strong support, facilitate the work with large weights, jerks and perform a deep squat.

Minimalistic style in sports shoes

Strength training and exercise with weights – this is more the prerogative of men. The female half of humanity more often practices running, energetic, high-intensity fitness, and selects minimalist style for physical activity. They are equipped with a thin flexible sole, which provides excellent biomechanics of movements and allows the feet to be in the greatest contact with the floor surface when performing exercises. However, to practice in such shoes you need to have good flexibility of the muscles of the ankles, carefully master and follow the correct technique of movements.

Choice of sneakers for basketball, tennis and soccer

Tennis is a mobile sport, which implies a large amplitude of movements, therefore tennis players are recommended to choose rather massive sneakers that provide rigid fixation and lateral support for the ankles. The foundation of shoes for practicing tennis should only be bent in the process of wearing, as an athlete practicing this type of fitness often makes jumps.

Basketball players also jump a lot, so their sneakers should be high, with special side panels to protect the ankle, to prevent the foot from slipping. It is also important that they are equipped with a wide sole, which will provide high-quality grip to the floor surface and levels slip. It should be noted that basketball sneakers are not suitable for everyday wear, as well as football boots. They are equipped with special spikes, providing excellent adhesion to the ground and leveling the scrolling of the foot, which is necessary for normal walking. When buying boots, it is also important to choose the right size. There should be a distance of 5 mm between the longest toe and the toe of the sneakers.

Crossfit: how to choose shoes for this kind of physical activity

Crossfit: how to choose shoes for this kind of physical activity

Crossfit today is very popular among adherents of the sports lifestyle. Exercise of this kind includes elements of weightlifting, running, gymnastics and other types of fitness. That is why crossfit sports shoes should be versatile and have, in the first place, a non-sprinting, stable base with good grip and a mesh breathable upper.

Additional Tips for Choosing Fitness Shoes

What other factors are important when choosing sports shoes for different types of fitness:

Pronation – rotation of the inner arch of the foot in relation to the surface of the floor when running or walking. The type of pronation will help determine the orthopedic surgeon. Those with normal foot deflection are advised to wear stabilizing type shoes (Support). If the arch of the foot is high (hypopronation), you should buy neutral sneakers (Neutral), if low (hyperpronation) – Control shoes.
Fitting. It is recommended to carry it out in socks that are planned to be worn with sneakers. Wearing and laced shoes, you should walk in it and make sure that the feet and heels are well fixed.
The narrow specialization of the fitness store and the professionalism of the sellers. In this case, you will receive competent advice and warranty on the goods.

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