How does a trainer select exercises for clients?

In any of the areas of fitness, professional help is important, this applies to all training, from yoga to dancing. When doing fitness, people pursue certain goals, usually this is a change in themselves for the better – externally, physically, emotionally. Training should be consistent with the goal, otherwise they will not allow you to achieve the desired result. On the Internet there are many programs for all occasions, however, the services of a coach are in high demand. What is special about working with a coach, how does a coach select a program?

An exercise program is simple and difficult at the same time. Any physical activity is the stress of a certain part of the body, to achieve a specific result, certain loads are required. These loads become part of the program.

The load program drawn up by the trainer necessarily includes:

Comparison of needs and risks for a specific person in the current state of health;
Preparation of a set of exercises with a certain intensity, a comparison of periods of rest and intensity of classes with the level of physical fitness;
Determining the volume of training – duration and frequency;
Determination of a sufficient recovery period between classes.

Guided by these principles, the trainer makes the program effective, but not too complicated. The trainer's work does not end with the preparation of the program, he constantly manipulates the important components to achieve the goals – the number of repetitions, intensity, duration of rest, and others.

training with a trainer

How does a trainer help to achieve a result?

The success of training depends on how quickly the body adapts to the physical stimuli provided. The body's response to these stimuli and adaptation to the effect depends on gender and genetic predisposition, nutrition and rehydration, lifestyle, even on the emotional state. An experienced trainer keeps in mind all these terms, it may seem to you that he is asking non-fitness questions, but this is not idle curiosity, but part of his work.

The trainer combines basic exercises and isolated movements in the program, the latter are associated with increased risks. The development of the body must be balanced so that one muscle group does not prevail over another, to achieve such a result without professional help is not easy. It is important not only to choose the right exercises and determine their number, but also to determine the order of execution. By setting the priority, the trainer will also be based on the characteristics of a particular person, everyone approaches the fatigue limit at different times.

A good coach, among other things, will perform another important function – to maintain the level of motivation. To do this, new exercises will be added to the program so that the client does not have time to get bored. But here, too, is not so simple – you can’t change exercises too often, some movements cannot be replaced with others, but you can slightly modify them.

Maintaining interest is a significant advantage of working with a trainer, doing it yourself, the risk of disappointment and quitting training is much higher.

Obviously, training with a trainer will allow you to achieve the desired result faster than self-study. Moreover, physical activity becomes safer if they are dosed and observed by a professional.


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