Home workouts: class rules and thigh and buttock exercises

Any woman dreams to have slim legs and beautiful buttocks. Someone wants to make them more voluminous and slightly relief, while others, on the contrary, want to reduce their legs and buttocks, giving them a beautiful shape. At first glance, this may seem like a very difficult task, but with regular and proper exercise in combination with a healthy diet, it is quite possible to achieve the desired.

The benefits of exercise for the legs

Among all the muscle groups of the body, the legs occupy the largest area, while in everyday life they have the most powerful load. At the same time, the zone of the hips and buttocks is one of the most problematic in women, because excess fat is most often deposited and cellulite appears. This is due to the physiological characteristics of the structure of the female body and is the norm. But often girls are not satisfied with this situation, and they strive to transform their body by doing physical exercises for the hips and buttocks.

Fitness leg exercises, in addition to the aesthetic, have other important advantages:

regularly training, you can get rid of cellulite and excess body fat, which affects the appearance, psychological state and health;
with proper exercise, thigh and buttock muscles strengthen well, and this reduces the risk of injury and the development of certain diseases, prolongs youth and speeds up metabolism;
trained muscles help to significantly facilitate the process of childbirth and simplify the implementation of everyday household chores.

Leg Fitness Rules

Leg Fitness Rules

If you want to form beautiful buttocks and tighten your thigh muscles, you should initially estimate the amount of excess fat deposits on your body. If there are a lot of them, then, first of all, you should do general weight loss of the whole body, doing aerobic exercises for this and adhering to the proper diet.

Having a little reduced body weight, you can start strength fitness training, while still continuing to do cardiovascular exercise. To work on the hips and buttocks to make the most effective, you should follow these recommendations:

Doing daily chores, being at work or in public transport, you can do the most simple exercises for the buttocks, rhythmically reducing and relaxing them. Surrounding people such movements will not be noticeable, and your muscles from this will acquire a tone.
It is useful to combine even the most effective exercises for pumping legs and buttocks with cardiovascular exercise, during which this muscle group is also involved.
At the end of a fitness workout, take a cool shower and dry your body with a hard towel.
Go on foot more often and use the steps instead of the elevator, enter into the habit of taking walks before going to bed, and on active weekends to engage in active rest.
Exercise every other day, giving your muscles the necessary time to rest.
The hips and buttocks include many muscles. Each specific exercise involves only some of them, so it is very important to perform a complex of various movements for the full development of all the components of the muscles.

You can also conduct training at home, using video tutorials from the Internet. For such activities will have to get a gymnastic mat, a pair of dumbbells and weighting, which will help in increasing progress and achieving the desired result.

A set of exercises for the hips and buttocks

A set of exercises for the hips and buttocks

The following exercises are very simple and accessible for everyone, but no less effective. You can do them in the gym and at home, while not having any special tools.

Exercises for hips and buttocks:

Sit on a gymnastic mat, straighten your legs in front of you, bend your arms at the elbows. Straighten your legs alternately and at the same time move forward, as if walking on your buttocks. Reaching the end of the rug and not changing its position, in the same way, go back. The benefits of this exercise is also in a kind of massage of the thighs and buttocks, which is useful for weight loss and for women's health.
Stand on all fours so that the elbow joints are located directly below the shoulder joints, and the knee joints are under the hips. Thus, in each of them right angles should be formed. While straining the muscles, raise the knee-bent leg to the level at which the thigh becomes parallel to the floor, and then lower it to its former position. After completing the fitness element with one foot, do the same with the other.
For the next exercise you will need a hard chair and an ordinary ball. Sit on the edge of the chair and clamp the ball between your knees. With all your might, squeeze the ball, and then let go, repeating such movements for half a minute.
Get on all fours as described in exercise 2. Straighten one leg back, while it should be horizontal. Rhythmically raise it as high as possible upwards, without bending the back, and then return to its former position. Perform the exercise alternately with two legs.
Face the back of the chair and press it with both hands. Raise the straight leg as high as possible back, then return it to the starting position, but do not place the foot on the floor. The body during the exercise should be slightly tilted forward.
Take the position of the strap and swing your straight leg upwards to develop the muscles of the buttocks.
Stand up straight, take one step forward and sit down so that right angles are formed in the knee joints of both legs. Then stand up and return the front leg to its previous position. You can do this exercise with or without dumbbells.
Stand straight, place your feet at the width of your hip joints, and place your hands on your waist (pull over your head or stretch it in front of you). Slightly pushing the pelvis back and tilting the body forward, slowly squat until the hips are parallel to the floor. It is also important that at the lowest point the knees do not go beyond the toes. Hold this pose for a few seconds and return to the starting position.

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