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Most people start their morning with a familiar cup of aromatic coffee, which allows you to finally wake up and tune in to an active mood. However, there is a much more healthy option to start the day: a simple and effective fitness complex — morning jogging — drives away the remnants of sleep much better. Among other things, it improves health and helps to return the body to a good physical form.

Morning Run: Exercise Tips

Morning Run: Exercise Tips

Experienced runners, who have been practicing this exercise for a long time, recommend starting morning workouts from short distances and an exceptionally comfortable rhythm. The main thing is not to recycle – so that the next morning there was no pronounced crevice, and again I wanted to do a run. If, however, from the first classes you set too high a pace of running and choose a considerable distance, an excessive load will inevitably lead to a feeling of fatigue, muscle pain and a desire to abandon the sport.

It is also important to decide on a motivation that will help you tune into your daily exercise. One person can easily get out of bed the need to put his body in order before the beach season, another – the desire to get into your favorite costume, and the third one will be inspired by the desire to become a good example for your children. For some, an additional stimulus to physical activity can be a new form for running, which comfortably sits on the body and pleases the eye.

Running is not shown to everyone, so before starting such fitness workouts, you should consult your supervising doctor. Since running heavily loads the leg joints, with a significant excess weight, you should first lose weight, and only then begin active morning trainings. There is also a gentle jogging technique. The speed of movement in this mode is slightly higher than during fast walking, and the phase of the “flight” of the legs is shorter compared to normal running. Experts advise during jogging to try to put the foot on the heel, and then smoothly transfer the body weight through the entire foot to the toe.

Running refers to aerobic exercise, so it is important to know the frequency of your heart rate during exercise. The greatest impact will show a run with a pulse of about 140 beats per minute. Therefore, it will be useful to purchase a heart rate monitor and monitor this indicator to determine its optimal speed.

Choosing the right shoes for running exercises

One of the most important factors of successful fitness workouts is comfortable sports shoes. The first thing worth paying for when choosing it is high-quality depreciation. After all, it depends on it how soft the load on the foot will be when it comes into contact with the surface. Good shock absorption will help protect the joints from injury, and ligaments from sprains. This is especially important for beginners who are not accustomed to intense physical exertion.

Sneakers should be selected exactly in size so that they do not pinch the feet, but they are not too large. They should sit comfortably on their feet without causing any discomfort. It is better to buy shoes in the afternoon, when the legs swell a little, which will make it possible to avoid corns and painful skin lesions in the future. In high-quality models, the sock should be slightly raised, so that while running, small stones and other obstacles on the road do not interfere with the movement of the legs.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the sole of sneakers. It should be rather dense, but elastic. To test it, you can spend a few small tests. First try to draw a sole line on the floor of the store. If this happens, the sole is made of poor-quality material – and this means that active physical exercise will quickly spoil it. Next you should bend the sole with your hands. In good sneakers, it bends well by about 45 degrees. It is necessary to press on the sole of foamed rubber – high-quality rubber will bend and immediately take the same shape.

Running – fitness for harmony

Running - fitness for harmony

Many beginners start their morning physical exercises with the main goal – to get rid of extra pounds. In this case, some experienced athletes recommend to train on an empty stomach and not to eat food at the attraction for another couple of hours after jogging, forcing the body to replenish the expended energy through its own fat reserves.

Others – for example, the famous athlete Yulia Chermoshanskaya – are advised to eat protein foods (boiled chicken breast or protein shake) after an intense exercise. Such products will allow muscles to recover faster and at the same time do not add excess fat.

It should also be remembered that any intense exercise begins with a short warm-up, affecting all the muscle groups of the body – from neck to feet. It will help warm up the muscles, improve the flexibility of the body and prevent possible injuries.

Since excess fat begins to burn after continuous running for 30 minutes, the average session should last about 45 minutes. You should not strive to get into this standard from the very first day. It is better to start with a feasible duration of the session, gradually adding 5-7 minutes to each run. The pace of fitness training should be average. If you are accustomed to running at high speed, you should leave 1-2 days to restore and rest the body.

The ideal variant of running for weight loss is the interval exercise, when during one workout intense physical exertion alternates with more moderate exercise.

Beginner athletes should choose the track without any particular ups and downs, so as not to overload the joints. You can start training with exercises in a stadium with a high-quality coating, and then gradually move to a jog in a park or forest zone. It is important that there are no roads or industrial plants nearby: there should not be excessive air pollution.

It is necessary to complete each exercise with quiet fitness stretching exercises that will allow the cardiovascular system to return to a normal rhythm, and the silhouette will be made flexible and fit.

Morning jogging is a great start to the day, which normalizes metabolism, burns extra calories, charges with energy and good mood. It helps a person to become healthier and feel a well-deserved pride in overcoming his laziness.

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