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If the busy schedule of the day does not allow to allocate time for fitness classes, then this is absolutely no reason to refuse regular physical activity. Keeping fit, energized and disconnected from daily problems will allow affordable home workouts. A suspended TRX simulator that can improve muscle tone and joint flexibility and normalize the functioning of the heart and respiratory organs is perfect for this purpose.

TRX-simulator – fitness equipment

Like many other outstanding inventions, the TRX was invented by chance. American marine Randy Hatrick, while in Southeast Asia, was looking for a way to train in limited conditions with no sports equipment. He had the idea to use parachute lines for this, fixed at one end in the doorway. The resulting loops and became an affordable option for a variety of physical activity, where the weight of the body acted as a weighting agent. After his discharge from service, Hatrick did not abandon his idea and in 2005 embodied it on an industrial scale.

Now TRX-simulator refers to the most modern sports equipment and consists of two strong slings with handles and built-in loops for limbs. At home, the simulator is usually fixed on the doorway. It is also convenient to do the exercises in the yard or on the street, using any strong support that can withstand the weight of a person and is above the level of the head. As such a support may be a horizontal bar, a pillar or a thick branch of a tree.

One of the advantages of the sports equipment is its compactness. Unlike the bulky designs of many other simulators, the TRX takes up very little storage space, and, if necessary, it is very easy to take with you on a trip or a walk. The process of preparing equipment to work does not take much time. It is necessary to throw the belt through the support only a few times, tighten the loop well and fasten it with a carabiner. Making sure that the simulator is securely fixed, you can start fitness.

Experts recommend that the first classes be conducted under the guidance of a qualified trainer who will help you master the correct exercise technique and make up a training complex depending on the person’s physical abilities. All this will allow you to acquire the necessary knowledge for successful training, to avoid sprains and other injuries. After such preparatory lessons, you can begin to work independently.

The benefits of physical activity on the TRX-simulator

The benefits of physical activity on the TRX-simulator

Despite the simplicity of the design, TRX-simulator allows you to get great benefits from well-designed fitness. Training with him is as functional as possible, since the exercises are performed from different positions, as well as tilt angles and body planes.

Regular training using this projectile has the following effects on a person:

increases strength and endurance;
develops body flexibility;
improves sense of balance and coordination of movements;
trains neuromuscular responses to body movements in space.

Both beginners and professional athletes can be engaged with the projectile, because due to a change in the fitness program, exercise can be easily adjusted to the current level of the performer. Loops allow you to perform about 300 different exercises, so the lesson can be built as diverse as possible. The use of the TRX simulator in rehabilitation programs after various diseases is also becoming increasingly popular.

With proper use of the projectile, the risk of injury is practically reduced to zero. The main thing is to master the correct technique of exercises and choose the load that is feasible for you. Since complex diagnoses often prohibit certain sports, it is necessary to consult a specialist about the permitted physical load and the selection of suitable items.

The complex of exercises on the TRX-simulator

The complex of exercises on the TRX-simulator

The following small set of exercises will help beginner athletes to master this simulator with the help of several basic elements. At the first classes it is recommended to perform each element for 30 seconds at a moderate pace.


Great exercise from which beginners can begin to get acquainted with the simulator. To perform it, you should stand up straight, put your feet shoulder-width apart, firmly grip the hinges with your palms. Gently move the pelvis back to a position where the legs are bent at the knees at a right angle. In this case, the waist does not bend, and keep the press taut. Next, pressing the feet to the floor, strain the gluteal muscles and slowly return to the starting position.

The load on the press.

To perform this exercise with loops is not only more interesting, but also more effective. You should take the starting position – lying on your back, with your legs bent at the knees. Move the heels to the buttocks, grip the loop tightly in the hands. Pull up with your hands, without lifting your feet from the floor, and lift the body, bending your arms at your elbows. It is recommended not to bend the lower back, and keep the abdominal muscles tight. Next, you should stabilize the body, linger in a pose for a few seconds, then smoothly take the initial position. This exercise also has a great effect on the muscles of the arms and the stabilizer muscles.

Pumping the gluteal muscles.

Take an initial position while standing with your back to the simulator. Place the left foot in the loop for the feet, leave the right foot on the floor as a support. You should push your left foot into the loop and gently pull it behind your back, while simultaneously bending the right limb at the knee to a right angle. The back should be kept straight, and the abdominal muscles tightened. Press the heel of the right leg to the floor and, straining the gluteal muscles, gradually return to the starting position. Exercise perfectly loads the press and buttocks, stretches the front thigh of the working leg and trains the coordination of movements.

And although mastering complex exercises will require some effort and time, even the simplest fitness with the TRX simulator will give beginners immense pleasure, make you feel all the muscles and improve your own body control.

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