Fitness at home – how to avoid injuries and laziness

Even realizing all the useful aspects of fitness, getting to the gym can be very difficult. You can share fitness values ​​and exercise regularly at home, but in this case you will encounter some problems. The difficulties of home fitness do not relate to the lack of simulators and other special equipment; alone with yourself is more difficult to maintain motivation and defeat laziness. In the absence of a coach, an inexperienced person may do the exercises incorrectly and even get injured.

Those who decide to take up fitness at home need regularity. It is regular training that allows you to develop a habit, not just transform the body, but strengthen willpower.

Rule 3 to 3

Build your regime according to the “three by three” rule, choose several basic exercises and do them three times a week for three months. Use simple exercises – push-ups, squats, swings with legs and arms, take half an hour for each workout.

The principle of "three by three" is applicable not only to fitness, it can be used to achieve any goal. Systematic not very frequent execution of any actions leads to the formation of a stable habit. If for three months three times a week to study history or practice in a foreign language, then this will become not just a habit, but a need. In the case of fitness, after three months you will not be able to live without training.

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Training Record

Record every sixth workout on video, watching the recording, you will see your mistakes and you can track the progress over the past two weeks. Injuries are the result of performing exercises in the wrong technique, it will be much easier to see errors from the side. Watching videos from a workout, be self-critical, but do not forget to praise yourself for improving your shape. Look carefully, note the important details – the setting of the feet, the symmetry of movements and body position, how your body changes.

You don’t need to record every workout, the changes will be insignificant, in addition, you will be tired of spending time watching each lesson.

Pretense Against Excuses

Classes at home force to overpower themselves not only physically. Various excuses and excuses will constantly appear in your head why you cannot train today or you will not do this exercise.

In any sport, thinking is as important as physical ability, if there is no trainer next to you, you will have to maintain the right mindset yourself. Get ready for thoughts about the lack of time, bad genetics, the wrong moment, and do not let them ruin your schedule.

Best Homework Exercises


Yoga asanas are not just physical development, they teach you how to control muscle function and develop a sense of balance. If your choice is in favor of yoga, then the first training can be reduced from half an hour to a quarter of an hour.

Deflection – standing with a straight back, raise straight arms up and stretch as if you had just woken up. Then bend down and try to reach your toes with your hands. The upper back remains straight, control this moment in the reflection of the mirror or on the record;
Dog face down – in the deflection position, put your hands on the floor and take a big step back with your feet. The legs and arms should be straight, the pelvis should aim upward, and the neck should be straight and relaxed. Save the position for 30-60 seconds, then return to the starting position by reverse movement;
Lunges with twisting – performed as classic lunges forward with the addition of turning the body to the side. Performing such an exercise will improve blood flow to the internal organ, make it stronger and more resilient.

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Power load

Doing exercises with weight is possible not only in the gym, at home dumbbells replace any object that is suitable in shape and weight.

Lifting weight above your head – bend your arms at your elbows so that the weight is at shoulder level, then vigorously straighten your arms up. The movement is done on exhalation, the reverse is done on inspiration, performed several repetitions until the muscles of the hands are easily tired;
Squats on one leg – standing on one leg, the second should be bent at the knee, taken back and placed on the surface of a chair or sofa. The weight is held in straight hands, in this position you need to do squats, while maintaining a straight back position. Exercise pumps both the muscles of the legs and back. By analogy with this exercise, you can do a variety of squats and lunges, the main thing is to monitor the direct position of the back.


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