Exercises that can be done in front of the TV

If you have problems with the organization of time, it does not mean that you can not play sports. Everyone needs moderate physical exertion, they keep the body in a beautiful shape, as well as physical indicators – strength and endurance. Some exercises can be performed directly while watching TV or even playing video games, the combination of mental and physical activity creates a balance in development. In this material you will find a selection of the best exercises that can be performed while sitting in front of the TV, take note of them.

Those who are fond of video games, spends a lot of time watching TV or computers, they need to spend more time on their health. A sedentary lifestyle provokes the development of diseases, worsens health and even mood. Not everyone can find time to visit the gym or a full workout at home, but you can always find a compromise. These are the best exercises for keeping the body in shape, they can be done right in front of the screen.


When performing each exercise, you need to straighten your back, only with a perfectly straight back you can provide the correct physiological load for your body. Straighten your back, stretch your straight legs in front of you, then alternately lift and lower each leg. As soon as the right foot is back on the floor, tear off the floor and lift the left foot, make movements continuously, make sure that the legs remain straight. In order to perform this exercise for at least two or three minutes, it will take a lot of strength and endurance. Do not forget to follow your posture and do this exercise every time the game loads or the screen saver goes.

exercise scissors

To draw the eight

Typically, this exercise is performed with sports equipment in two hands, but the joystick or remote control from the TV will also work. Sit up straight and stretch your straight arms in front of you. Tear off straight legs from the floor, make movement with your hands and feet, as if drawing an eight in the air. The only point of support is the buttocks, to perform the exercise, the body will have to be balanced, due to this the body muscles are strengthened. If you feel pain in your back when doing it, then pause and continue later.

exercises in front of the TV

Standing by the wall

During the game in the console or when watching TV, you can use those muscles, the existence of which you had not even guessed. Stand up and stand on tiptoe, with your back against the wall to maintain a perfectly straight position. Bend your knees and lift them alternately so that the hips become parallel to the floor.

Do the movements vigorously enough, make sure that when lifting the leg, the lower leg is located strictly below the knee.

Arm lifts

Usually, the most painful area for gamers is the hands, in particular the wrists. Games are very exciting, not noticing this, you put high loads on your wrists or keep them in an unnatural position. When there is a pause, put the joystick down and place your hands in a relaxed position on your knees, then lift them to the side so that your back and arms look like the letter “T”. Slowly put both hands on the right knee, then perform all movements in the reverse order. In the next replay, do the same, just place your hands on your left knee.

Arm lifts


Squatting is one of the best exercises because it involves a lot of muscle. When doing squats it is important to keep your head straight and look straight ahead. Performing squats in front of a TV or console is perfect, just do not forget to control the straight position of your back. Sit down in a squat, stay for a while, squat, then slowly rise and sit down again.

Make these exercises an addition to your favorite hobby, and then you will spend your free time with double benefits. Love for movies or video games should not chain you to the couch, you can be active.


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