Do you want to pump up your hands – shake your legs

It is known that it is impossible to lose weight locally in a certain zone, but you can pump up certain muscles. Therefore, you can afford the desire to pump up your legs, abs or, for example, your hands. But when working on the muscles of the hands, you need to do exercises on other parts of the body, especially on the legs. Those who understand bodybuilding and powerlifting say that arm strength starts from the legs and from the back. They are not joking, this phenomenon has an anatomical explanation. Find out why you need to shake your legs if you want to pump up your arms.

Such a mistake is common among those who discovered strength training recently. If a beginner in bodybuilding wants to pump up his hands – he rests on exercises for the hands, this is logical, but wrong.

Hand training occupies an important place in the program of general strength training, but for their development a common base is needed, the correspondence of other muscle groups. If only arms are constantly pumped, then disproportionate muscle development and functional imbalance will occur.

Why legs?

Boxers will become a good example; for them, hand power means a lot. One boxer can inflict such a blow that will become a knockout even for a more massive opponent, the blows of another boxer look as spectacular, but do not have such strength. Why is this happening?

It's all about the legs, a blow in boxing originates in the lower part of the body, since it is from there that the impulse comes. It is important for the boxer to put as much energy as possible into each hit, so the impulse comes from the legs, passes through the back and only after that gets acceleration from the arm.

The legs contain the main power resource of our body. Even if the priority is training hands, you need to do exercises for the legs, at least squats without weights. By working on your legs, you can do more hand exercises and achieve better results.

Exercises for arms and legs should become part of a single system for training, and there should be a place for the back.

Why the back?

A balanced program should include back exercises, primarily block pulls and pull-ups, as they make the back more powerful and strong. If the task is to become stronger due to work on the back, then these exercises will be more appropriate than dumbbell or bar rods, deadlift. Boxing can again be taken as an example; for the force of impact, boxers work on the muscles of the back.

An advantageous training strategy begins with work on the legs, then exercises for developing the back are connected, and only after that you can proceed to exercises for increasing the mass on your hands. Thus, the body will be strong enough to withstand high loads and perform heavy exercises with weight, including for the growth of muscle mass in the arms.


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