Deadlift – how to increase weight?

Taking three of your deadlift weights is a real task, athletes in competitions also show better results. To achieve this goal, you need to approach in detail and consistently. First you need to make sure that you are doing the exercise in the correct technique and optimal variations for your physique. Next, you need to create a program with a progression of weight and record in the training diary how much you correspond to it. These are the best recommendations on how to increase deadlift weight.

Step 1 – doing it right

The exercise should be not only technically correct, but also consistent with your physique. You can do deadlift in a narrow or wide stance, in which position it will be more convenient for you, depends on the range of thigh lifting forward and its rotation, as well as on the ratio of arm length and leg length. You will find a suitable position by trial, compare the sensations when performing it in a classic narrow rack and a wide plie rack.

Step 2 – Strengthening

It is not necessary to take maximum weight in each deadlift during each training session, testing what you are capable of today. The strength should increase gradually and accumulate, with a correctly designed program for most of the training you will not even come close to your maximum, otherwise the nervous system and connective tissues will suffer from overstrain. You can increase the total volume every week by changing the number of repetitions and approaches or leaving the numbers unchanged, but increasing the intensity.

If the progression is carried out by increasing the intensity, then 60-80% of the maximum weight is taken in training. If in the most intensive and fastest approaches, weight is reduced to 30-50%, then such a strategy will correspond to an increase in explosive strength, which is useful when running, jumping and throwing, but not in powerlifting, where the task is to lift more weight.

Step 3 – Auxiliary Movement

As necessary, additional exercises will have to be added to the program. If you are lifting weight and you feel a problem moment in the mid-calf area, place the barbell on a small platform and take additional approaches from this point. If such a problem point is located in the knee area, then you need to strengthen the muscles with the help of slopes with a barbell on the back and Romanian traction.

Also, anyone who practices deadlift does not hurt the additional strengthening of the muscles straightening the spine and gluteal muscles.

Step 4 – Restore

If you are determined in the long run to lift three of your weights in a deadlift, then you need to take recovery as seriously as training. Without a good rest, training will not only be useless, but also dangerous. It is important not only to sleep at least eight hours of sleep per day, but also to gain the necessary duration of the deep phase of sleep. Not just getting the required number of calories, but also monitoring the ratio of macronutrients in the diet, getting at least 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of weight daily. The use of additional techniques for natural recovery is encouraged – massage, light workouts, myofascial release.

Pulling your own three weights is a doable task, but if you are not ready to approach it with all seriousness, it is better to set a more modest goal for yourself, without checking the limits of the permissible and not risking going beyond them. For both women and men, it is considered an excellent indicator of the ability to do ten repetitions of the deadlift with a weight of 1.5 own body weights.


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