Crossfit exercises for fitness at home and in the gym

The fashionable word "crossfit" is widely known today. This is a popular direction of fitness with high intensity, positively affecting the shape, immunity and athletic performance. Despite the useful properties of the direction, it should be carried out only according to strict rules, ignoring of which can lead to health problems.

The nuances of crossfit training as a separate direction

The nuances of crossfit training as a separate direction

The concept of crossfit was formed from two English words that mean “cross” and “fitness”. If you analyze in detail, the crossfit is a high-intensity training in a circular mode. This means that all physical activity must be performed in a certain sequence one after another for the allotted amount of time (from 15 to 70 minutes).

As part of a crossfit workout, there are three categories of physical exercises:

Aerobic exercise (cardio).

These are all options for sports activities, involving an increase in heart rate and stimulating fat burning processes (jumping rope, running, working with ropes, cycling, rowing simulators, ellipsoid, stepper).

Exercise with the weight of your body.

Performed without the use of additional equipment, therefore, are considered quite gentle (pull-ups on the horizontal bar, work on uneven bars, a variety of push-ups, a bar in various modifications, squats and twisting to the press).

Exercise with additional equipment to improve the efficiency of training.

The most commonly used are dumbbells, weights and barbells, but mini-barbells, body bars (gymnastic sticks) and fitballs are popular in women's crossfit.

The main feature of the crossfit as a separate sports direction is that such a load equally powerfully affects all muscle groups. The athlete in a short period of time is working through all zones at once, increasing his own endurance, increasing strength and speed performance.

Crossfit – universal fitness training

Crossfit - universal fitness training

CrossFit, like any other direction of the sports plan, has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, before including such a powerful program in your training plan, it is recommended to weigh the pros and cons: not all athletes, even experienced ones, can withstand such an intense rhythm.

Advantages of crossfit trainings:

fast and high-quality endurance;
immunity strengthening;
effective study of the muscles and its relief;
engaging not only superficial, but also deep muscles;
intensive fat burning;
acceleration of blood circulation and lymphatic drainage;
improved ventilation and respiratory function;
launching important metabolic processes;
development of coordination of movements, dexterity, speed, body feeling;
A wide variety of fitness exercises that exclude boring workouts.

There are also drawbacks to crossfit, so they are especially worth considering for beginners and people with any health restrictions. The main disadvantages of the direction include:

increased intensity of physical activity;
powerful effects on the heart and blood vessels;
high risk of injury, especially with too weak an organism;
heavy load on the joints, and in some cases, the spine;
the impossibility of pumping a particular muscle group.

Help coaches and instructors

Beginners who have just entered the world of powerful round-robin training should first of all observe one important rule – always contact a fitness instructor. A crossfit specialist is a person who not only helps to master the technique of sports elements, but also keeps the performer's health.

Without a professional coach it is impossible to build a full-fledged training. In this case, the risks of injury and seizure after exercise are increased. Beginner crossfitters will not be able to find the ideal mode of study for themselves, the most appropriate exercise, the number of cycles in a circular approach and the weight of the equipment used.

The task of the coach is to create a personal training program for a person, based on his:

age and gender;
weight category;
degrees of physical activity at normal times;
level of endurance, as well as the absence or presence of sports experience;
health conditions, including the presence of various diseases;
sports goals (weight loss, strengthening the body, pumping muscles, etc.).

It is a professional crossfit instructor that will eliminate any risks associated with sports training, will help to smoothly adapt the body to physical exertion and tell you when you can increase the mass of projectiles to achieve the best results.

Even if the CrossFit trainings are held at home, you should contact a professional for help before starting classes. Also for home activities it is recommended to purchase a special bracelet or heart rate monitor for heart rate tracking.

Lightweight set of physical exercises for home

Beginners can begin to engage in circular fitness with a small home adaptation of the organism to the loads. This will help in a lightweight complex of physical activity, which will develop endurance and strengthen the main muscles of the body.

Exercises should be performed without additional sports equipment or outdoors using bars, horizontal bars, stairs. Beginners will approach the following program:

5 pull-ups on the bar;
10 standard push ups;
15 squat without burdens;
base plate.

Perform the above exercise should be after each other without a break for 15-20 minutes. If an athlete is in good shape, during this allotted time he manages to perform approximately 15-20 crossfit cycles of such a complex.

More trained crossfit lovers with a high degree of endurance and powerful muscles can perform up to 35 cycles in 20 minutes (depending on the pace of execution).

Gradually, this complex can be supplemented with complicated loads or expanded with other basic elements. For example, for home cross-training workouts, lugs with weights, twisting on a press, push-ups with weights or with a raised leg, as well as working on home gym equipment (exercise bike, running tape, stepper) are perfect.

An effective exercise program in the gym

An effective exercise program in the gym

One of the drawbacks of crossfit is that it is impossible to maximize your body at home without the use of various simulators. As a rule, modern crossfit rooms are equipped with the latest equipment for working out all the muscular zones.

Double ropes, powerful tires, high platforms for pumping jumping skills, as well as a whole range of block equipment and cardio equipment are very popular.

Classes in the hall will have a more intense effect on the muscles and the whole body. Novice athletes can use the following options for cross-training in the gym:

warming up on the rowing projectile;
5 pull-ups on the bar;
10 push-ups from the floor or bench;
15 squats with weighting (weights, barbell, dumbbells).

The goal of the fitness workout is the same as in the previous complex – to repeat as many cycles of physical activity as possible for 20 minutes. After doing strength training, you should complete cardio training (1.5 km of interval running on the track) and a stretch to relieve tension from the muscles.

Despite the fact that crossfit is a very powerful kind of sport, everyone can do it. This will require the most responsible approach to work with a coach, build a training mode and master the technique of performing certain types of physical activity.

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