9 exercises on the beach that help burn the most calories

In the summer months, gyms traditionally become empty. In search of salvation from the heat, people of different ages are trying to move closer to the reservoirs. Rest on the river, lake or sea shore will give not only bright emotions and beautiful tan, if you combine them with fitness classes. To lose extra pounds, to improve the form will help a variety of types of activity. And MedAboutMe has compiled a selection of beach fitness areas that are most effective for burning fat. Which ones would you prefer to kill maximum calories?

Running and walking on the beach

Running and walking on the beach

The wide beach is an ideal place for long walks or jogging. These familiar types of stress will help burn a lot of calories. While jogging on the sand cover, you can spend up to 590 calories in just an hour due to the unstable, non-uniform surface! While running in a stadium or in a park will allow you to spend about 300 kcal during this time. With significant excess weight and other contraindications beach run will replace walking. During the one-hour walk you can say goodbye to 200 kcal.

Workout exercises

Strength training outdoors during the summer months is not the safest kind of load for the heart. To avoid deterioration of health, but workout, street gymnastics will help to improve the figure. This popular direction of fitness allows you to train anywhere, using any available equipment and your body.

Workaut-occupations are characterized by high intensity, on average, it’s enough to select only 10-30 minutes to work through different muscle groups. What to include in the lesson? For example, push-ups, pull-ups on the bar, twisting, squats with weights, etc. It all depends on the preparation of the athlete. Accordingly, the number of calories burned will be determined by the intensity of exercise. For an hour you can spend and 400, and 600, and even 1000 kcal.



Followers of the workout movement are often called turnstiles. The best place to practice in street style will be the sports ground. You can find basic equipment on or near well-maintained beaches. The most suitable for working with the body are the wall bars, horizontal bars and parallel bars, crossbars, press benches, etc.


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For those who can not imagine summer without a canoe or boat ride, rowing will be a worthy option. Even with a low rate of work in an hour of mini-travel on the surface of a lake, sea or river, it will be possible to burn about 300 kcal. Rowing will replace strength exercises, because during the movements the muscles of the arms, shoulder girdle, back and buttocks will come into tone. With rhythmic rowing, the cardiovascular system and lungs are trained, and the contemplation of natural beauty relaxes and helps to cope with stress.

Yoga on the beach

Summer is the perfect time to practice yoga outdoors. Due to the high temperatures, it is not necessary to spend a lot of time on preheating the muscles. Hot weather will do everything for you. Beach yoga will be a source of positive emotions, the possibility of mastering new asanas. How many calories will be spent per hour of occupation depends on its intensity. On average, it is from 250 to 400 kcal in 60 minutes. Ashtanga vinyasa is considered a more energy consuming direction, but it is not necessary to use it only for self-improvement.

SUP surfing

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Recently, this type of beach activity is gaining popularity around the world. Paddleboarding, paddleboarding, or rowing on a special SUP board involves all muscle groups. During the movement it is necessary to monitor the balance and do not forget to work the paddle. SUP-surfing is suitable for any age, it can be recommended to older people. This load relieves stress, increases muscle tone, strengthens the cardiovascular system. With vigorous work with an oar you can spend from 300 to 1000 kcal. The most energy intensive are surfing on the waves, racing. However, these directions require special training. Beginners fit long heats, hikes and even marathons on the boards.

Swimming and diving

Swimming not only has a beneficial effect on the nervous and cardiovascular systems, strengthens the immune system, tones the skin of the body, but also helps to burn a large number of calories. The most energy-consuming style is the crawl – in just 20 minutes you can spend up to 200 kcal. If it is difficult to swim a crawl for a long time, you can combine different styles, as well as perform simple exercises in the water. For those who love scuba diving, there is also great news. Scuba diving will help burn up to 470 calories per hour.



During sports activities on the street, several goals are achieved at once. Beach fitness helps to fight excess weight, strengthens muscles, and also restarts the nervous system. When moving, the body receives a sufficient amount of oxygen, which speeds up the metabolism, increases efficiency. Sports at the reservoir also allows you to simultaneously take air and sun baths, and therefore receive vitamin D.

Beach volleyball

<img width = "1000″ alt=”Beach volleyball "height =" 667″ title=”Beach volleyball” data-src=”http://medaboutme.ru/upload/medialibrary/d9e/shutterstock_622976738.jpg” data- data- class=”lazyload”>

Outdoor games on the hot sand are both fun and useful for the figure. On the beach you can and should play badminton, tennis, football. The best kind of load in terms of energy costs will be beach volleyball. For an hour of playing in a good company, it will be possible to burn from 400 to 600 kcal. Today, scourge is the Olympic sport. It is not surprising that finding fans of this type of activity will be easy on any beach.

Water aerobics

Why do water aerobics in the summer in the pool, if you can transfer your workouts to an open pond? Aerobics in the water will allow you to spend a significant amount of calories than the same fitness classes on land. Especially effective water running, all sorts of swinging arms and legs, push-ups in the wave during the surf, squat. By overcoming the resistance of the muscles quickly tightened. In just half an hour of aqua aerobics, you can burn about 150 kcal. The result will depend on the intensity of movement.

Running frisbee

Running a frisbee is especially pleasant with family and friends, in the company of a pet. This summer entertainment can be an effective alternative to intensive training in the gym. The flying disc can be launched in various ways, the most common of them are throwing with the help of an outstretched hand or forehand, as well as launching with a hand, backhand. But there are many varieties of team games with frisbee. If you don’t be lazy and put your whole body into operation when launching a projectile, you can spend about 500 calories per hour of play!



The game with frisbee appeared thanks to the resourcefulness of students at Yale University. For fun, they used baking molds for the Frisbie Pie brand. The lesson became extremely popular, and flying discs began to be mass produced in 1957.


Any kind of physical activity in the fresh air will benefit the body, health and mood. To improve the shape, it is important not only to choose the fitness direction that burns the maximum number of calories, but also to follow the rules of safe street workouts in the summer:

Exercise on the beach in the morning or in the evening when the sun is less active. It is especially dangerous to perform intense exercises at noon.

Be sure to use sunscreens and do not forget to update the Sanskrin layer in a timely manner.

Choose light clothes and shoes, remember to wear light colored hats.

Drink as much clean water as possible, it will not only improve metabolism, but also help to avoid overheating.

Do not spare time for warm-up to warm up the muscles and prepare for fitness classes in order to avoid injury. And after training – stretching.

After doing the exercises, try to relax in the shade of an umbrella or greenery. And only then you can swim or go out again in the sun.

Expert comment

Andrey Ryzhakin, master of yoga and martial arts

Andrey Ryzhakin, master of yoga and martial arts

Summer is the best time to train and transform your body. Why? Everything is very simple: in the summer there is always more strength, we are less sick, the state of activity and vigor is much higher than in other periods. This is due to the activity of the sun, the abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits. This is also the time when we go on vacation with the sea and beaches. But this does not mean that you need to turn into a seal for two weeks of vacation. You can return from a holiday in great shape and get a boost of energy for many months in advance, combining relaxation with workouts on the beach.

We may not have special training equipment on hand, but the best and most affordable simulator is always with us — our own body. Therefore, if you have extra pounds, then you can perceive them as an additional weighting, and tune in to work with its own weight.

It is best to think about training in advance and set clear goals. For example, it may be a functional pumping of the whole body, which is embodied in the complex for all major muscle groups. Dynamic ligaments of exercises with repetition 10-15 times can be combined with static fixations, it makes it possible to train fast and slow muscle fibers, and therefore get a deep effect from the exercises. As an example, it can be squats, which are combined with static fixation in the bar. But training strength and endurance, do not forget about flexibility and relaxation.

The summer heat is great for warming up the entire body, and in these conditions, stretching exercises are much more effective. You can take as a charge a simple complex of Surya-Namaskar from yoga gymnastics and do it every morning.

Combining stretching and exercise with its own weight, we get a full load, which will transform the body during rest. And after returning home, having seen a tanned and toned body in the mirror, we can feel that time was not wasted, and efforts and efforts were invested in health and a charge of strength.

Expert comment

Ksenia Kurmanova, fitness trainer

Ksenia Kurmanova, fitness trainer

Classes on the beach are not suitable for everyone, but let's talk about the majority who want to try. The sun and high air temperatures, even with regular cooling in water, can be dangerous. And for people with cardiovascular diseases or diseases of the central nervous system is better to refrain from practicing in the sun.

To train on the beach I recommend in the morning, when there is no strong heat. For beginners of fitness classes, I would recommend to warm up, as in physical education classes, choose either outdoor ball games or light cardio workouts – running, jumping or intense exercise with their own weight for 15-20 minutes. After – cool in the shade, drink water, relax.

I do not recommend abruptly stop or go to bed immediately after exercise – take a walk along the beach or just stand in the water, take a breath. For those who are engaged in the gym or at home and have experience, you can choose a circular workout, so that between the circles was an opportunity to cool in the water. One round can contain up to 5 exercises. Circles can be 3-4. Drinking the required amount of water and monitoring well-being is very important, as well as wearing a hat.

Expert comment

Alexander Panin, fitness expert

Alexander Panin, fitness expert

Exercises with the weight of your own body, such as pushups, squats, slats, jumps, etc., are perfect for outdoor activities. Exercises are better to build on a circular system. The circle should consist of 5-8 exercises. Interval work will be most effective for fat burning, where you perform an exercise for 60 seconds and then rest from 30 to 60 seconds depending on your level of training. Beginners should start at 60/60.

So, an example of a program for training on the beach:

1. "Air" squats.

2. Push ups in the sand.

3. Lunges.

4. Exercise "Climber".

5. Jump.

6. Planck.

Beach training is easy to complicate if simple exercises with their own weight will not be enough. To the aid come fitness gum, weighting, dumbbells and other equipment. It may be different horizontal bars, benches, even the same sun beds on the beach.

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