6 things that you don’t need to wear for training

Maybe few people think about this, but improperly selected clothes can affect the quality of the workout and even harm health. This applies to incorrectly selected clothes, materials and sneakers. They can cause circulatory disorders, skin irritation, trauma, and even fungal infection. Here are 6 things that are definitely not suitable for going to the gym.

Cotton items

Cotton is an excellent breathable fabric that cools the body and absorbs moisture. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for sports just because of the second point. Cotton is capable of absorbing almost all moisture from the body quite quickly, but it is not a quick-drying material. Therefore, cotton T-shirts will absorb all the sweat and will be wet until the end of the workout. This is not only not very comfortable, but it is also likely to create a favorable environment for fungal bacteria. For training, it is better to choose special sportswear made of moisture-resistant synthetics. It is able to absorb moisture, dries quickly and improves body thermoregulation.

Old sneakers

Sole erased, seams parted, rubber part moving away from fabric, and shock-absorbing air cushion burst? So, it's time to go to the store for a new pair, and send the old ones to the trash. No, not because in the gym they will strangely look at you because of worn out sneakers. Old shoes no longer properly fix the foot, violates the depreciation of the foot and does not protect it from injury.


Plain bra

Girls with large breasts often experience chest pain during exercise due to constant movement and jumping. To do this, there are special sports bras or tops that fix the chest in place and support it so that it does not stretch from sudden movements. If you wear regular bras or old sports bras for training, you may encounter unpleasant sensations.


Earrings, chains, rings – these jewelry are made for beauty, but certainly not intended for training. Chains distract and interfere, can fall on your face if you do some exercise while lying on your back, hit on the face while jumping, and may get tangled up in your headphones while stretching. Stud earrings can not be removed, but long ones are better to refuse – they can get tangled in the hair during tilting the head or scratch the face.

Rings are best removed while working with dumbbells or barbells.

Firstly, they affect grip: weight can just fall out of hand. Secondly, heavy sports equipment can damage, wrinkle or scratch the ring, and can also damage the skin due to strong pressure.


Tight stuff

A small sports top, leggings that are too narrow, and even tight socks can place freedom of movement and slow down the movement of blood through the body. Circulatory problems can cause leg cramps and muscle pain, or can rub your skin and cause irritation.

Too small sports bras squeeze the chest and cause breathing problems. Be sure to try on clothes in the store and do not buy them blindly. Take a walk, do some bends and squats to see if your clothes are restricting movement.


Modern cosmetics do not clog pores as they did 10-20 years ago, and in urban life, foundation can even protect the skin from dust and dirt. As for the gym, there is no need to paint. Even if you are worried about your appearance, it’s worthwhile to understand that skin health is more important, and all other people in the hall will not care. During training, the skin sweats and the sweat mixes with makeup and dirt that has accumulated over the day. Also, during training, our body warms up and the pores expand – this makes them even more sensitive to dirt and causes inflammation. Before training, it is better to cleanse your face and apply a light moisturizer if your skin is dry. If it is jogging on the street or doing yoga in the park, it is also necessary to apply sunscreen to the skin, which will protect the face and body from burns. After the lesson, you need to wash your face again to wash away sweat and street dust from your face.


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