6 signs that you are losing muscle mass

You can notice the first signs of muscle loss earlier than it will be noticeable visually and by the number on the scales. If you do not find the beginning of the process of destruction of muscle mass in time and do not take measures, then all previous efforts to recruit muscle can be in vain. You can determine catabolism by your well-being, you can also predict it by changes in mode and lifestyle. These six signs will indicate that you are losing muscle mass and can still do something.

In order to start losing the results of previous workouts, it is not necessary to throw classes. On the contrary, muscle mass can begin to break down due to excessive zeal, when sport is put in first place in life. Following the loss of muscle mass, the process of accumulation of body fat will begin, therefore, if these signs are detected, measures should be taken immediately.

Weakness and lethargy

This is the body’s response to excessive workload during training or to too severe dietary restrictions. Both that, and another circumstance leads to a loss of muscle mass. When the body does not have enough resources to recover from stress, it takes them from muscle mass, metabolism changes.

If you feel weak, be sure to listen to your body and try to identify the cause.

Losing more weight than planned

Any rapid weight loss indicates that along with body fat, muscle mass is lost. Rapid weight loss is the loss of more than 1.5 kg of weight per week. This can happen on drying, improperly selected food or an improper training regimen burns not subcutaneous fat, but muscles.

Reduction in nutrition

This mistake can be made by everyone with arbitrary nutrition. All tissues and organs need energy, if it is not enough, then the body says goodbye to extra consumers, in the first place it will be muscles. Your body is ready to sacrifice muscles to maintain vital functions; your task is to prevent this.

servings of food

Bad mood

Another natural reaction to a lack of calories. Energy is not enough for all organs, including the brain, so you will feel distracted and be in a bad mood.

Cardio Hobby

If you sharply fall in love with running or other cardio loads, this creates a risk for muscle loss. Especially if you work out in the morning before breakfast. The likelihood of losing muscle mass depends on the frequency and duration of classes, more than three workouts per week lasting more than 40 minutes make catabolism inevitable.

cardio workout

Trouble sleeping

Muscle destruction is triggered by chemical processes inside your body, the main one being increased hormone cortisol production. With its excess, muscles cannot increase, on the contrary, they begin to decrease. The presence of sleep problems is a sure sign of impending loss of muscle mass, since with insufficient sleep and superficial sleep more cortisol is produced in the adrenal cortex.


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