6 major mistakes in the gym

Do you do a week, a month, three months, and the result is rather weak? Or everything went perfectly, but at some point did the muscles stop growing? Perhaps the problem is that you make major mistakes that are often found in the gym. Due to the fact that expectations were exceeded, people abandon classes when they do not see the result. At such moments, you just need to reconsider your approach to training and turn to the coach if something does not work out.

Forget about the warm-up

Let the warm-up not help you build muscle, but you definitely need to spend 10-15 minutes on it. Firstly, it will protect your muscles from possible injury. The exercises themselves are more effective when the muscles are warmed up – so they become more elastic and ready for exercise.

A small warm-up also prepares the heart – it expands blood vessels and accelerates blood throughout the body.

If you start the training right away with intense exercise, it can be a small blow to the heart. What is the best way to warm up: slowly tilt the head, tilt the body to the legs while standing and sitting, squats, jumps and walk around the room or run.

Do the same thing

Monotony in training is the enemy of a good figure. Yes, this will not make it worse, but it will not bring much result either. Gradually, the muscles get used to the loads, so at some point the effect will cease to be noticeable. In order to prevent this from happening, you must always work out a training plan. In one day, take care of your arms and legs, in another pump your back muscles and abs, and in the third buttocks. Exercises need to be constantly modified, new ones added and load on other muscle groups. Also, do not forget to gradually increase weight if you work out with dumbbells or a barbell.

Wrong work with simulators and weights

This mistake often happens to those who neglect the help of a trainer and think that they can cope with everything on their own. Excessive dumbbells or improper use of the equipment can lead to muscle strain and back problems. Also an infinite number of repetitions is a mistake.

How to choose the right weight? It is chosen correctly when the feeling of fatigue comes in the fourth or fifth repetition. If you do not feel this, then you do not need to throw a few more pounds. Wait a week, and then add another 10% of the weight of your projectile.

the gym

You rarely train

Training should be regular, so weigh the pros and cons to decide exactly whether you need it or not. Squats or push-ups twice a week will not give any result, so you do not need to waste your time – it will be simply useless. Schedule workouts in the gym or at home. They must be complete so that the result is really visible. Minimum number of classes: 2 times a week. During this time, the body does not have time to relax, and the first changes can be seen in a month.

You have high expectations

As mentioned above, the first results from training can be seen at least a month later. There are people who think that in one or two workouts they will instantly throw off a couple of kilograms and pump themselves up, and then they are upset that this did not happen, and give up training. Alas, a beautiful body requires sacrifice and time, so this will not happen at the click of a finger and auto-suggestion. Moreover, at first you can even gain a little weight. This is due to the fact that the muscles are growing, and the fat is still standing still. In order for fat to go faster, you need to spend more energy than the amount that you get from food. So the body will have to burn body fat in order to find energy.



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