6 Conor McGregor Fitness and Nutrition Tips

Conor McGregor is known all over the world, legends do not need to be written about him, he himself replenishes his biography with legendary facts. Being a champion in mixed martial arts is difficult, this sport puts forward very difficult requirements for physical fitness. A fighter must be strong, tough and fast at the same time, easily endure physical overloads and quickly recover from them. These six recommendations form the basis of McGregor’s lifestyle, and perhaps they helped to achieve such success.

Unusual actions

McGregor adheres to the Ido Portal scheme in his training, an athlete from Israel called his methodology “Culture of Movement”. According to the general concept, it is necessary to constantly move, not to allow yourself to stop and constantly shock the body with new exercises. In training, there are a lot of elements from parkour, capoeira and crossfit, this is an imitation of combat, long and high jumps, hurdling on special tracks and in real city conditions, hand and arm stands, and much more. Physical development ends where routine begins.

Simple food

McGregor will not eat dishes that have been cooked for hours, flavored with different sauces, heated several times. His diet consists of simple food, for example, fruits and vegetables, nuts, boiled rice, meat is the best source of protein, but protein shakes are also present in the diet. The best drinks, according to McGregor, are plain water and pure black coffee without additives. At the same time, the champion does not deny that he allows himself sweets.

Conor McGregor

Cardio – required

This conclusion came after the defeat of McGregor in 2016, the winner in that match was Diaz, a famous American fighter. McGregor concluded that he had more than enough energy, but failed breathing. From that moment, he does not stop training cardio, which brings good results.

The next meeting with Diaz took place a few months later, and McGregor was able to take revenge.

No simulators

To himself, he says this: cars do not use cars. McGregor fundamentally ignores the simulators and deals exclusively with his own weight, loves to pull himself up and push up. Of course, a lot of time is devoted to practicing blows, it takes about a third of each training session. This sparring, shadow boxing, bagging and other tricks.

Rest for the winner

McGregor draws conclusions from each of his defeats, which may be why he became so successful. According to the champion, lack of sleep reduces his stamina several times, provokes malfunctioning in breathing and prevents full recovery. A sufficient amount of sleep is eight hours, on days of particularly intense stress – at least nine hours.

After exertion – lunch

After training, McGregor prefers not to get over a protein shake, but to get his full meal. According to experience, the fighter believes that a small snack or a cocktail will not provide enough energy to recover from serious stress.


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