5 Top Tennis Reasons

About 500 calories burned per hour is a powerful, but not the only argument in favor of playing tennis. To start something new is always difficult, especially if it is associated with the need to comply with the regime and serious sports loads. But with a sufficient level of motivation, any task becomes feasible. Some people like to run, others like to swim in the pool or play soccer, perhaps you will become one of those who are crazy about playing tennis.

If these reasons seem weighty to you, then it's time to choose a racket and quickly go to court.

It's unusual

Tennis is not like other sports, it is so unusual that it is one of the four most popular sports in the world. You don’t have to play like Maria Sharapova or Roger Federer, make tennis your fitness instead of yoga or exercise equipment. Tennis is definitely more interesting than running, here you need to not only run around the court, but also follow the ball – beat it, throw it over, and not let it out.

You will be so closely monitoring the movements of the ball that you will not even notice what loads your muscles are receiving at that moment.

It is very active.

Depending on how you play, on the court for an hour you will leave from 400 to 600 calories. Training takes place at an active cardio pace, they strengthen the respiratory system, heart and blood vessels.

At the same time, if you approach tennis as an active hobby, and not as a professional sport, then it will be safe, completely devoid of injuries. As a rule, amateurs do not suffer from muscle pain after playing tennis and the next day, but at the same time they provide their body with decent loads.

It’s outdoor recreation

Tennis can be played not only on indoor courts, but also in the fresh air. Exercise in the open space energize and saturate the body with oxygen. In good weather, you can play tennis on the street not only in summer. This is a great holiday format for family or friends.

outdoor play

It develops the brain

Not all sports training has a positive effect not only on the body, but also on the mind. Tennis is a rare exception. Here you need to not only run fast, but also follow the ball, predict where it will fly, try to predict the actions of the opponent. Tennis is called a game of a thousand sprints, you have to switch very quickly, make decisions quickly and change them with lightning speed if necessary.

hit the ball

It improves social life.

There are sports that are designed for singles; these include swimming, cycling, and to some extent running. Tennis is arranged differently, here the players are in constant interaction, when playing one-on-one you interact with your opponent, when playing two-on-two you also interact with your teammate. A friendly atmosphere always reigns on the court. In large cities, where the corporate game format is widespread, tennis helps many teams build relationships in a team.


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