5 tips for those who are going to a fitness club

It is finished! You have finally bought a subscription to the gym of a fitness club. It doesn’t matter if you have had any experience before this, or if you’re exploring sports for the first time, you have to start from scratch. Experts do not advise to spend time on some kind of exotic technique, take all sorts of supplements and make a delicious menu. Instead, it is better to focus on basic principles that are relevant to everyone without exception. What kind?

Do not seek to get everything at once.

As is often the case, a person leads a wrong way of life for a long time, overeats and avoids physical exertion, and then overnight wants to change everything and achieve great results in this matter. But a rigid diet only leads to exhaustion – moral and physical, and intense training – to fatigue, muscle pain and a complete aversion to the sport. And this is at best, because a large load for an unprepared organism is simply dangerous and fraught with sprains and injuries. Therefore, you should not set yourself such short-term goals as losing 20 kg in 2 weeks and a 150 kg bench in a prone position for a month.

The goal of any workout is to improve your well-being, prevent diseases and excess weight, and most importantly – to get pleasure, because if fitness does not bring satisfaction and does not bring joy, then there is no sense in it. Therefore, you should not strive to embrace the immense and get everything at once. Surely you lost your form not in one day, so why do you think that you can recover in a short period of time? Just work for yourself and enjoy any positive changes, because even the smallest result suggests that you are on the right track.

Make exercise a part of life

Make exercise a part of life

Nobody argues, it is very difficult to get involved in the process of training, especially if the exercises were absent in life for a long period of time. At first, the risk of failure is very high, especially if a person is not confident, all the time he doubts the expediency of this or that load and doesn’t know completely whether he will be able to comply with the training schedule, whether there will be enough motivation to go to the gym. Experts advise not to seek inspiration and to consider sport as something outstanding, and a healthy lifestyle as a kind of self-sacrifice.

All you need is to make sport a part of your life – a habit, without which it is difficult to imagine the usual schedule of the day. This is what distinguishes a professional from a novice, a sort of “snowdrop,” who enters the hall just before the beach season. Having included in his usual training schedule three times a week, it remains to follow him clearly, not looking at the weather and not expecting a tide of any particular motivation. Of course, some problems and hindrances are encountered in the life of everyone, but having missed one fitness workout, the person is on the second and continues his movement towards the goal further.

Focus on basic exercises

Exercise may be different. Someone more suited to high-intensity interval training, and someone prefers to do at a moderate pace. The athlete decides all these issues in a casual manner, focusing on his own abilities, strength and other individual indicators. But there is a so-called “base” – exercises that perform all without exception and which form the basis of the training. If a newcomer of a not too “outstanding” build comes into the hall and tries to pump the external biceps head in the absence of it, then at least it will cause confusion.

If it is not clear where to start, then at first it is better to use the advice of a fitness trainer to get an idea of ​​the fundamental principles that allow you to form a corset and give it the right aesthetic look. The basic exercises include squats, deadlifts, bench press, twisting on the press, etc. In the future, this set can be supplemented with other specific options, to focus on something concrete, taking into account existing strengths and weaknesses, personal characteristics.

"The quieter you go, the further you'll get"

But it is not enough to have an idea about basic exercises. It is necessary to measure their desires with their capabilities. There are people for whom good training is work at the limit of their strength, exhausting and tedious. They work up a sweat, to muscle pain, to failure. Such aspiration and ambitions in fitness can be considered commendable, if not for one “but”. Many experts believe that this leads to the depletion of the body and even gives the opposite effect to the desired athletes, not increasing muscle mass gain, but slowing it down in the long run.

Depletion of the nervous system is fraught with "central fatigue." This means that if an athlete in the first approach makes 10 repetitions at the limit of his strength, then in the second he will reach only 6. But if he stopped at 8 repetitions, he would be able to do as much later. The same with weight gain. Why immediately lift a heavy load? Is it not better to first master the technique of execution with light pancakes, correct it, get used to the load, and only then gradually increase its potential, accumulating a margin of safety and strength for further progress.

Keep a diary of fitness training

Keep a diary of fitness training

Today there are a lot of gadgets and sports applications that help track your progress. To see the result, you need to fix it, which means everyone needs to keep a diary. Based on the data entered, you can build a visual graph showing how one or another exercise helped to achieve a certain effect. Gradually increase the load and watch what happens to the muscles and in general with the whole body. The program itself will tell you what should be increased – the number of repetitions or approaches, and maybe it's time to increase the severity or the total time of training.

This will be the best of your motivation, because when you see the result you want to achieve new heights, improve and grow. In this case, you can amend the plan, adjust the schedule of classes at your discretion and do not forget about the rest, so necessary for muscle recovery. All these rules will help you to fashion your dream figure and become what you always wanted.

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