5 fun summer exercises for muscle tone

In the summer, when you are not pressed down by the weight of clothes and cold, you want to be more energetic. In order to be energetic, you need to bring your body into shape, pick up a fun active workout. The World Health Organization recommends that physical activity be given at least 22 minutes a day so that at least 150 minutes go out per week. These are the five most energetic and fun exercises, from which you will get an active and incendiary summer training for body tone.

Use these exercises one by one to make pauses in life more active, or combine them into a workout to bring every muscle in your body to tone.


It is difficult to imagine that such a simple exercise was so effective. You just stand in the plank and do not move, but this does not mean that doing the exercise is really simple. This is a basic exercise, which is designed to strengthen the muscles of the back, abdomen, arms, shoulder girdle.

Start doing the strap with the position of the support on the socks and forearms, clasp your hands in the lock, then go to the strap with the support on the palm. Do the bar every day, hold the position for at least 10 seconds, then increase the time in the bar for at least 30 seconds.


Difficult squats

Can you squat? If so, then in your hands a powerful tool for toning the lower body. Stop doing classic squats and switch to sumo squats, squats with narrow legs. You will not only tone your legs, hips and buttocks, but also develop a sense of balance.

If you do not know how to squat, then start with the classic version, place your legs a little wider than your hips. Make at least five such squats, then try to do the same with a wide and narrow set of legs. Increase the number of squats at least one every day, and very soon you will see results.


Frog Buckles

There is no more vigorous exercise than jumping. At the time of the jump, the whole body is in tension, it needs to be grouped, to maintain the balance correctly and land successfully.

To squats were quite difficult, perform them in the form of jumps, like a frog.

First, get into a deep squat and put your hands on the floor, it’s like a frog. Then forcefully push off and jump out of this position, raising your arms up above your head. Land neatly, on your toes, immediately sit down and do another squat. Do 10-15 repetitions, muscle tone and energy are guaranteed.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping does not happen much, this is one of the most fun exercises, I want to do it again and again. Jumping jacks will not only make the muscles burn, they will increase the heart rate and improve coordination of movements in the shortest time possible. Do not forget to clap, this exercise will be even more fun.

Stand up straight, legs together, lunge forward one foot. In the jump, change the position of the legs and at the same time raise your arms above your head and clap your hands. Try to land softly, do at least ten repetitions.

jumping with lunges

Bike for the press

If real cycling involves mostly legs, then the exercise bike is designed to strengthen the press. The bike also engages the back, increases overall body strength.

Take a position lying on the mat on the back, make sure that the spine is straight. Bend your knees and lift your legs so that your lower legs are parallel to the floor. Place your hands behind your head and begin to twist, alternately bringing your left elbow to the right knee and vice versa. Do at least 20 repetitions, gradually increase their number.


What will such training bring?

Not only 22 minutes of daily physical activity recommended by WHO, but also a huge amount of health benefits. Among them, increased hormone production of happiness, reducing the risk of stroke, heart disease, diabetes mellitus type II. Supplement this activity with sports games with your friends in the open air, and then your physical form will become even better.


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