4 exercises from a Hollywood trainer

Jim Barsen is known as a star trainer, he works mainly with Hollywood celebrities. The cost of one training session with him is hundreds of dollars, but the main question of price is not in money, but in status. In order to get to his lesson, you need to be a media personality. The demand for a coach is explained not only by high qualifications, but also by a special approach – the training of his wards is never repeated. Jim Barsen considers these four exercises appropriate for each person and in any program.

The Hollywood trainer especially appreciates these exercises. According to him, with the right approach, they almost instantly tone all the muscles in the body. Adopt professional advice and replenish your training with these elements.

Air squats

Starting position – standing with a straight back, legs are shoulder-width apart, socks slightly twisted to the sides. Get down in the squat and at the same time raise your straight arms up, at the lower point the thigh should be parallel to the floor. Then, by the reverse movement of the arms and legs, they return to the starting position.

Perform the exercise in several sets of 30 seconds with a break between sets of 20 seconds. If you want to make the training more difficult, then extend the sets to 40 seconds, and reduce the rest between them to 15 seconds.

Air squats

Push ups

Push-ups are a classic exercise, but not everyone knows how to do it correctly. In the lying position, the arms should be straight, like the whole body – the pelvis does not sag, the stomach is tightened. When doing push-ups, the elbows bend to a right angle, at the time of the reverse movement, the pelvis is slightly bent back. Push up as much as you can, but always keep an eye on the perfect technique.

push ups


Starting position – lying on your back, bend your elbows so that the fingertips lightly touch the head. Make sure that no space is created between the lower back and the floor when executed. At the same time, tear your shoulder blades off the floor, as if you are twisting, and slightly bent legs. Straighten one leg in the air, the second – bend at the knee and bring to the chest. Bringing one leg to the chest, reach for it in the manner of oblique twisting with the opposite elbow, then immediately do the same on the other arm and leg.

The secret to this exercise is to do it as quickly as possible.

Rock climber

It is performed from a lying position, so you can do it immediately after pushing up. Hands are straightened, stomach is in tension. Bend your leg at the knee and bring it forward, stretch your foot in the opposite direction. Put your foot back in and do the same with the other foot. The main difficulty of this exercise is to ensure that the position of the body remains invariably straight. Like a bicycle, you need to do this exercise as quickly as possible.

Do a few laps of these exercises, at least four. Already on the third round you will understand what the Hollywood trainer meant. Sequential execution involves and tone all major muscles.


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