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Fitness exercise for stretching and relaxing the spine

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Fitness exercise for stretching and relaxing the spine
The contents

  • Useful tips for organizing fitness activities
  • Integrated fitness training for the spine and core muscles
  • Simple exercises to relax the spine

The spine and back muscles are under extreme pressure during the day and often even during sleep, if you do not use the mattress. In the result of overexertion of the spine often have recurrent pain in the back or develop various diseases. To reduce the load on the spine, it is necessary to perform regular exercises to stretch and strengthen the muscle corset.

Useful tips for organizing fitness activities

To make fitness feel comfortable, safe and productive, it is important to organize the training process. This can help in uncomplicated helpful guidance of experienced fitness professionals:

  • before the main exercise you need to warm up the muscles and connective tissue. With this task perfectly cope easy cardio, like running or jumping jacks;
  • you need to engage in comfortable clothes that does not hinder movement and does not interfere during operation;
  • all movements should be performed smoothly, and at the peak voltage necessary to fix the position for 10-30 seconds. If you experience a sharp pain cut fitness training. To resume only after improvement. If these pains occur too often, it is required to consult a doctor to determine the causes of their occurrence;
  • not necessarily perform all the exercises for the back. For starters, you can stop at 5-6 movements and gradually to increase the load by adding new and more complex elements;
  • fitness training should be done regularly, at least every other day.

Integrated fitness training for the spine and core muscles

In fitness training, stretching and relaxing the spine, can include several elements from the following revitalizing complex:

  • The pose of the cat.

Get on all fours, pointing your fingers from yourself and knees apart to the width of the pelvis. Then slowly round your back, tilting his head in the space between the arms and trying to put your chin to your neck. At a given position is necessary to stay on a few seconds, feeling the spinal. After this you need to bend at the waist and put your head back up. In this position you necessary to stay on for 10-30 seconds.

  • Exercise Crocodile.

It is performed on the stomach, so you need to lie on the floor, bend the upper limb to the forearm and the palm was parallel with the head and shoulders formed a straight line. You must then shoulder blades and pull your chest and arms off the floor. Holding the torso on weight, it is impossible to interrupt the respiratory cycle. Necessary time has elapsed, again to lie on the floor to relax a bit before repeating this element of fitness training.

  • The rise of the torso.

Lying on his stomach on the floor, need to rest my hands on it and raise the torso by extension of the elbows. To bend backwards there is a need for 10-30 seconds, stretching the spine and back muscles.

  • The hero pose.

You need to get on your knees and, keeping your back straight, sit between legs. Socks must be submitted to each other and, if possible, to touch. The palm should rest on the lap. In this position you need to stay for as long a period of time.

  • Side twisting.

To fulfill this element of the fitness classes, you need to lie on your back, put your hands on the floor palms down so they were at shoulder level. The knees must be bent and put your feet on the floor. In the next exercise, you must deploy the case, for example, to the right without lifting your hands from the floor and both knees to steer left, trying to touch the lateral part of the hip the surface of the floor. Perform this twist, we need to pause, allowing the spine to relax and the muscles to get sufficient amount of static load. After allocated to performing this element time you need to repeat the twisting, turning body and knees to the other side.

  • Hyperextension.

During home fitness workouts hyperextension can be performed while lying on a fitball or bed. You need to lie on your stomach so that you can hang on the ball or the edge of the bed body. In this case the brush has to be put on the back of the head and the feet securely lock. Next is to raise the torso as high to the torso form a straight diagonal. Exhaling, slowly bend at the starting position.

  • Lowering the hips.

Lying on your back, elevate lower limbs and bend the knee. In the starting position, keep your thighs perpendicular to the floor, and the shins parallel. Then the exercise should be omitted both hips first to the left, pinning them to the floor for a few seconds, and then to the right.

Simple exercises to relax the spine

People who lead a sedentary life or involved in sedentary work, in addition to purposeful fitness activities, it is recommended to carry out simple exercises to relax the spine and back during the day. This should, for example, during the lunch break to carry out a complex of simple exercises:

  • Sitting in a chair, put feet on the floor and bring my knees together. Then deploy the body as far as possible to the right without changing the position of the pelvis. The head should also turn to the side, looking back. Feeling the tension in the back, to withstand a short pause, and then turn right and repeat the exercise, sending the case to the left.
  • Sitting exactly, you need to perform rotational motion of the shoulder joints, first forward and then back. All you should perform up to 30 repetitions without straining the neck.
  • Exercise “Embrace”. Standing or sitting, you must embrace yourself for the shoulders, the head of the brush as far as possible behind your back. In this position, it should stay on for 10 seconds, not forgetting during this period breathe.
  • The girth of his knees. Sitting on a chair, you need to tilt your body to the knees and clasp their hands, passing the forearm under the knees and pressed them to his forehead. Thus it is necessary to relax the back and fix the pose for 10 seconds.
  • Tilts. Keeping your back straight, bend over and try to touch fingers to toes or floor. Head in this exercise, you should lift to avoid dizziness.
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