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Fitness elastic band exercise and training rules

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Fitness elastic band exercise and training rules

The contents

  • Tips for choosing a band expander
  • The advantages of fitness with elastic band
  • Rules of fitness training with fitness band
  • Exercises with the fitness band

Fitness elastic band (rubber band, tape expander, Mini Bands) is a sports equipment made of latex tape wrapped ring. It is designed to work out major muscle groups of the body, improving strength and endurance, and perform stretching exercises.

Mini Bands help to improve fitness workouts at home and in the gym without expensive equipment by creating a large additional resistance. One of the main advantages of rubber band is that during fitness activities reduces the load on the musculoskeletal system, joints and ligaments.

Tips for choosing a band expander

To buy quality equipment, you must comply with certain selection criteria of the projectile:

  • Material.

The most quality fitness bands are made from Malaysian latex. It stretches well, but does not crack during the exercise.

  • Color.

Rubber bands are made in different colors not for beauty. The color of the shell indicates its elasticity. Beginners are recommended to choose the ribbon of green (with a force resistance of up to 5 kg) or blue (up to 8kg) colour. Prepared people recommended yellow (up to 12kg) or red (up to 18 kg) tape, experienced athletes – black (to 23 kg).

  • Size.

The longer the rubber band, the better. Beginners are recommended to purchase a shell, a long and 1.2–1.8 m. If necessary, it can be folded in half, which will contribute to an increase in load.

The advantages of fitness with elastic band

Fitness training with elastic tape very effective, and the shell is compact, lightweight – easy to store, carry, and can be used for training anywhere. However, this is not all the advantages of the alternative inventory. Athletes allocate a number of advantages of a belt expander:

  • toning of all muscle groups;
  • elimination of cellulite and sagging skin;
  • providing a uniform load and its control during the whole fitness training;
  • reducing excess stress on the joints and ligaments;
  • the possibility of training with the fitness band in the presence of a hernia, curvature of the spine, problems with musculoskeletal disorders, postoperative and post-traumatic periods;
  • use the shell to perform almost any exercise;
  • study of the muscles that are not normally used during basic training;
  • the possibility of using 2 and more fitness bands to increase the load.

Rules of fitness training with fitness band

Fitness classes and band expander should be subject to the following recommendations.

  • Muscles warm up: warm up efficiently before proceeding to the main exercise.
  • Balance diet, avoid harmful products, if you need not only to strengthen the muscles and tighten the body, but also to lose weight.
  • Properly breathe. When you stretch the rubber band need to breathe out when clenching breathing.
  • Do exercises with the proper technique of the movements slowly, smoothly and gently.
  • When you commit a fitness gum feet, place it in the middle of the foot. So it will not slip and will not cause accidental injury.
  • Be careful during fitness classes the product was taut. If the expander is too long, it can be folded in half.
  • Feel the tension in the muscles and the resistance force of the elastic tape when performing each exercise.
  • Alternate selected complex exercises, cardiorespiratory training for accelerated weight loss.
  • Engage in skin-tight clothes with long pants, sleeves, and sports gloves to grip not slip out of hands.
  • Exercises with the fitness band

    Lessons with band expander should be carried out to 4-6 times a week for 40 minutes, and for advanced athletes – 60-90 minutes. Exercises you can do 8-15 times in 2-3 sets (for beginners) or not on the account, and the system TABATA – training 45 seconds, 15 seconds break. In each exercise the number of repetitions (or time of training) should be increased by 1-2 bills (2-3 seconds).

    • Training for the lower body.
  • To pull the elastic band just below the knee, lie on his side, knees bent in a 90 degree angle. Raise your upper body, leaning on his arm, bent at the elbow. Body from head to knees should form a straight line. Lift the hips and pelvis, taking the position of “sidebar” and at the same time spreading to the side, knees up to the maximum stress in the muscles. Then return to the starting position.
  • Be in the position of “plank on straight arms”. Starting with socks, do the jumps, at the same time spreading out to the sides and vaults of the foot.
  • To move the expander on the foot, placing the rubber band closer to the ankles. Be on all fours. Alternately do Mahi foot back, straightening them and lifting the limbs parallel to the floor.
    • A set of exercises for the upper body.
  • Be on the left knee, the angle between the thighs must be 90 degrees. To hook the expander for the right foot. The body slightly tilted forward, keep your back straight. Left hand to pull the elastic as close to the waist by moving perpendicular to the body. After the cycle is complete, switch legs, do the exercise with the other hand.
  • To pull the elastic band just below the elbows, stand up straight. Raise hands to chest level, palms to deploy to one another. To dissolve hands in the parties, making a springy motion in its maximum point of tension.
  • Move the shell to the wrist. The body slightly tilted forward, knees slightly bent. Hands to straighten, arrange them perpendicular to the body. Pull hands to chest, bending elbows and bringing the shoulder blades and then straighten. In the top dilute brushes in hand with the maximum amplitude.
    • Workout for abs and waist.
  • Pull expander on foot, placing it closer to the ankles. Lie on your back, head, shoulders, scapula and straight leg off the floor. Hands to close to the castle at the back. To do lateral crunches, alternately bending and pulling your knees to your chest, touching right elbow to left knee and Vice versa.
  • Stand upright with feet hip distance apart. Hook the rubber band over the right foot, take hold of her right hand, by tilting the body slightly to the right. To do the tilt body to the left until the maximum tension in the lateral muscles of the abdomen and return to starting position. After the completion of the cycle to move the rubber band to the other foot, repeat the exercise on the other side.
  • Beginners are recommended the first workout to perform in a sparing mode, making between the days of training rest day for muscle recovery. Gradually the load can be increased, combining together the different complexity exercises, increasing the number of sets and repetitions.

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