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Fitness dumbbell: recommendations and set of exercises

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Fitness dumbbell: recommendations and set of exercises
The contents

  • The types of dumbbells used in fitness classes
  • Complex exercises for arms with dumbbells
  • Practical tips for conducting fitness workouts

Dumbbell — classic sports shells, which are very popular with people performing strength exercises at home. These weights are compact and mobile, and with in its effectiveness almost as good as working with a barbell. Moreover, the need to constantly follow the parallel trajectory of the dumbbell forces the small muscles-stabilizers actively reduced and, consequently, stronger.

The types of dumbbells used in fitness classes

Before you buy dumbbells for home-based strength and fitness, you need to carefully examine the range of data models of sports equipment to purchase the most suitable. Dumbbells come in several forms:

  • Fitness equipment.

This lightweight, hollow models that are filled with sand or another material with similar properties. Typically, these weights are used to slight increase in load in female fitness workouts, for example aerobics and Pilates.

  • Dumbbells.

These shells can be made of heavy metal — iron or steel, and concrete covered with rubber. Concrete rubberized dumbbell is a budget model. Cast iron durability and cost. Steel — the most common and convenient option not folding dumbbells because they are not as expensive as the shells of cast iron.

  • Collapsible shells — perfect for home fitness.

They are compact and allow you to increase the load by changing discs. When selecting such models, the dumbbells need to pay attention to the diameter of the neck: it needs to match the internal circumference of the disk. The thickness of the neck should be individualized according to the size of the palms, as it affects the convenience of the grip.

Complex exercises for arms with dumbbells

Selecting the most appropriate model of dumbbells, you can proceed directly to the training process. In home fitness with the data of the sports equipment can include the following training movement, work out the muscles of arms and shoulder girdle:

  • Bending the elbows.

Stand up straight. Foot to arrange for a distance equal to the shoulder width to provide the body maximum stability. Take each brush in the fitness weighting and press the shoulders to the body. Breathing in, bend the elbow and bring the weighting to the shoulder as close to the forearm was located at an angle of 45-60 degrees relative to the housing. Exhaling, slowly straighten the elbow and repeat the exercise. After working in this way, the biceps one hand, you need to repeat the entire sequence of movements, bending the other upper limb.

  • Exercise “The Hammer”.

Standing straight, take a dumbbell and hold them at your sides so that their heads or disks were sent back and forth. Breathing in, allow the shells to the shoulder joints, not deploying them in the rise. Stand second pause, exhale slowly down. A little rest and repeat the exercise.

  • Bending the elbows, performed in a standing position.

To go to put together the chairs, if you have no sports days. Take each brush dumbbell, slightly bend elbows and raise elbows out to the sides. In the initial position the shells should be a few inches below the shoulders. Inhale and, bending the upper limb, move the dumbbells to the shoulders, which should not move. This exercise aims to exercise the biceps, so all motion of the shoulders and the body must be excluded. Gradually straightening the elbows, to repeat the work. For a change allowed the implementation of alternate flexions. However, this option is not recommended to rush to perform another repetition: you must first lower one hand and then raise another.

  • Press.

Lying on your back, place a dumbbell in the bent arms at chest level. Breathing in, straighten your elbows and squeeze the shells up. Exhaling, smoothly lower the weights to your chest. This is a basic mnogoetajnoe exercise allows you to not only train the muscles but also the muscles of the entire shoulder girdle.

  • French press.

Stand up or sit down, keeping your back straight. Take a dumbbell with both hands and raise it upward. Raising the ball over head, bend elbows and carefully lower the dumbbell behind the head. At a time when in the shoulders and feel the tension, wait for a moment. Exhaling, straighten the elbows and repeat the exercise. This is a training movement can be performed with one hand, holding the forearm near ear free brush. Also allowed the option of working with two dumbbells. It is more suitable for experienced fitness people, as in this case, you need to constantly monitor the parallel movement of the shells, and it is quite difficult, especially if you are working with a large operating weight. Any version of the French press is able to qualitatively work out the triceps during fitness classes.

Practical tips for conducting fitness workouts

To do home fitness workouts with dumbbells the most productive possible, if the organization of classes to use the following practical recommendations:

  • start a workout with warm-up, which should include light cardio, such as jumping rope and simple exercises that stimulate the production of synovial fluid and increases the blood flow in the upper body. These include rotation and arm swing, and breeding of elbows to the side. As a warm-up load, you can perform all the main elements of the training set with the minimum operating weight;
  • you need to engage regularly, spending no more than two fitness workouts in a week. This optimal schedule, allowing muscles to fully recover;
  • women due to physiology have to use less weight, but undertake fitness training, they may not 2 but 3 times a week;
  • weight dumbbells, as well as their appearance, should be individualized, taking into account the initial degree of development of muscles of hands. The weight must be gradually increased, focusing on the feeling of ease when performing exercises with shells the usual mass.

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