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Fitness Cycling: rules and contraindications to riding

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Fitness Cycling: rules and contraindications to riding

The contents

  • The effect of Cycling on fitness, health
  • The benefits and dangers of Cycling for men and women
  • Contraindications to such exercise
  • The basic rules of training

Cycling is a favorite pastime of almost every child, the appeal of which often fades in later life. Now very often you can find women and men of different ages involved in Cycling, and in many major cities even have special bike lanes for safety and convenience of trainees. This kind of active rest not only pleasant, but also useful for health and figure.

The effect of Cycling on fitness, health

Cycling have only positive effects on mood, well-being and overall health of the body. But it all happens under the condition that you comply with the rules for conducting this exercise and the health condition allows you to train.

Use Cycling training is as follows:

  • A well-tightened muscles of the body, they do not gain weight and gain a slight relief, get stronger. This applies not only leg muscles but also arms, belly, neck and back.
  • Regular physical activity has a positive effect on the heart and blood vessels, training the heart muscle, improving blood circulation and preventing the development of certain diseases.
  • Cycling is also beneficial for the respiratory system. Deep rhythmic breathing helps to clear the lungs of harmful substances and is a good helper in the fight against certain diseases.
  • Thanks to the studies of Cycling fitness in the blood vessels of the lower limbs improves blood circulation, relieves congestion, prevents them from occurring, as prevention of varicose veins.
  • The weight loss especially actively occurs when riding on the street on an uneven surface, which positively affects the appearance and health.
  • Any physical activity, especially the air, gives positive emotions, reduces tension, lowers anxiety and stress.
  • Regular exercise bike is also useful for the immune system, because the movement and exposure to the outdoors increases the body’s defenses.
  • The benefits and dangers of Cycling for men and women

    The studies revealed that Bicycle riding can affect men’s health in two ways:

    • on the one hand, intense leg movements provoke the flow of blood to the bottom of the torso, which in itself acts as a prevention of diseases of male genital organs;
    • on the other hand, a long stay in a sitting position on the chair, not anatomically suitable in shape, leads to compression or squashing of the nerve endings and blood vessels, and this leads to problems with potency.

    Such consequences can be avoided from time to time lifting the pelvis off the seat during the movement to restore blood circulation in this area. Such problems are, as a rule, professional athletes, and those men who do Cycling in the gym from time to time, you should listen to your own body and create comfortable conditions for him. Besides, currently there are special ergonomic seats that minimize pressure on the groin area, but they need to pick up individually depending on the width of the pelvic bones.

    As for the impact of Cycling on the female body, no risk to health it shall not be, quite the contrary, an additional use. Such physical activity improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs, and this reinforces women’s health, makes it easier to postpone pregnancy and to recover from it. However, in the period of menstruation to still ride a bike is not recommended, but if absolutely necessary this should be done very carefully.

    Contraindications to such exercise

    In some cases, doing the training on the bike, you can even cause yourself harm. Therefore, the presence of the following conditions before you start training it is necessary to consult with your doctor:

    • any problems in the work of vestibular apparatus;
    • diseases of the joints, especially of lower extremities;
    • problems with the heart and blood vessels;
    • reduced level of hemoglobin in the blood;
    • osteoporosis;
    • problems with musculoskeletal disorders;
    • circulatory disorders of the brain.

    Some problems with the joints you can get wrong by organizing your training. This may be inadequate fluid intake or inability to switch modes away during the climb.

    The basic rules of training

    Some of the consequences of improperly organized fitness training is already described above, but in order to avoid them and get maximum benefit from Cycling, it is important to adhere to simple rules:

    • need a little workout before class, especially focusing on the muscles and joints of the feet;
    • during the ride, drink plenty of fluids, preferably plain water;
    • to avoid injury when falling always wear protective equipment such as helmet, gloves, elbow pads and knee pads;
    • choose the speed of the drive depending on several factors: your General condition, activity and movement around, the weather and terrain;
    • you should not start a fitness workout immediately after eating, wait at least an hour;
    • throughout the lesson monitor your condition and from time to time determine the heart rate;
    • at the beginning of the training, select a comfortable seat position and steering – this will make exercise more enjoyable, effective and long lasting;
    • before the race make sure the bike and maintain its status at the appropriate level;
    • start training to overcome short distances at a moderate speed over time increase both of these figures for greater progress;
    • decide in advance with your travel itinerary, choose it depending on your goals.

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