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Fitness classes to strengthen the triceps: a set of exercises

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Fitness classes to strengthen the triceps: a set of exercises
The contents

  • A complex of the most effective exercises
  • Ways to achieve progressive fitness workouts
  • Recommendations for the gym

Triceps located at the back of the shoulders and with proper development give a man the necessary amount, and women — taut sporty feel, and eliminates a common fault of the figure, as the sagging of the upper limbs. It is therefore important to perform regular exercises for the triceps, this muscle group responds well to provide for her load and is actively growing in volume.

A complex of the most effective exercises

In the fitness training, which are actively working muscle fibers of the triceps and increases blood flow to the data muscle tissues, saturating them with the necessary nutrients and nutrients are required 2-4 element of the following set of exercises:

  • Bench press with locking rod narrow grip.

Narrow grip training in this motion implies that the distance between your hands on the fretboard should be 10-15 cm width of the shoulders. The correct technique of bench press looks like this: lie on the bench, pressed against her back, to plant the feet into the floor, remove the bar from the racks and bring the projectile to the chest, keeping the shoulders and elbows to the body. This will be the starting position for the exercise you want on the inhale squeeze the weight over your chest. To fix the rod in the upper position for the duration of the exhalation, lower the shell into the starting position. During the period of performance of this element of fitness workout the shoulders should be as close as possible to the body, because such a position maximizes the load on the triceps.

  • French press with a barbell.

Lying back on the sport bench, we need to take the shell, lift it over the face and, breathing in, bend elbows, bringing the neck behind the head. Holding the projectile in this position for 2-3 seconds and exhaling at this time, allow the barbell to the starting position. When working with heavy weight in this exercise, the barbell can be lowered only up to the nose. Because this French press is very traumatic and movement training, beginners can first to practice the technique, performing it with the dumbbell, dropping the shell behind the head standing or sitting on the bench. And after the muscle fibers of the triceps sufficiently strengthened and stretched in fitness training to include running the French bench press and more weight.

  • Pushups on the bars.

To hang on the bars, bending his knees and crossed shins. Keeping body straight, bend the elbows and lower the torso between the bars in a lower position in which the elbows formed right angles. Then in exercise, you should inhale and straighten the upper extremity lifting the weight of his own body by the force of the triceps. To the load is not redistributed on the chest muscles, you need shoulders and elbows to keep as close as possible to the body. When the muscles will be strengthened so that for one fitness workout 4-5 sets of 15 push-UPS will be given quite easily, it will be possible to perform the element with the weights, putting on, for example, a backpack with a load, or tying to a belt pancake from the rod.

  • Push-UPS with a narrow formulation of the hands.

To take a horizontal position, to rest on the floor with your toes and palms direct upper extremities. Inhale and lower the torso to the floor, nearly touching his chest. Exhale and straighten your elbows, returning to the starting position in the exercise, controlling the shoulders were as close to the body and elbows moved in a vertical path.

  • Kickback.

For this exercise you need to stand sideways to the bench, facing her knee and elbow, tilt your body and free hand to take the dumbbell, bending your elbow. You should then inhale and, straightening the elbow to move the dumbbell back. Exhale and bring the projectile to the starting position.

  • The extension of the upper extremities performed in a block training simulator.

Up near the top of the unit to undertake its rope handle, inhale and straighten the elbows, bringing the arm down. Exhaling and avoiding work by inertia to return to its original position. Fulfilling this element of the fitness classes, you need to check that the shoulders were pinned to the torso.

Ways to achieve progressive fitness workouts

To provide the muscles the conditions under which they will steadily and progressively developed, during the gym to use the following methods that contribute to the systematic increasing of the pressure:

  • the increase in weight. Every 2-4 weeks it is necessary to increase the mass of shells and strength resistance training equipment. However, the new weight of the weights must be increased by not more than 10% from the previous;
  • increasing the number of repetitions and approaches;
  • the inclusion of additional training exercises. This method helps not only to increase the burden, but also to shift its focus and engage those muscles that previously remained passive;
  • reducing the rest period between sets;
  • the increase in the number of fitness workouts a week.

Recommendations for the gym

When carrying out fitness training comprising the above complex, it is important to follow these recommendations:

  • work should start with a warm up, and finish it need a hitch. Warm-up prepares the muscles to the load, and hitch after a fitness relaxes the muscles and activates them in the process of regeneration;
  • the number of repetitions and the weight should be individualized, based on the level of physical training and the ultimate goal of training. If you want to achieve active growth of the triceps, then you need to work with a maximum weight, doing 4-8 reps in each of the 3 approaches. If you want to get relief, the weight of shells can be moderate, and the number of repetitions is large;
  • fitness classes to work out the triceps should be carried out 1-2 times a week;
  • the rest period between sets should not exceed one and a half minutes, otherwise the effectiveness of the training may be reduced;
  • when performing all exercises, based on zimowych movements, you should not completely straighten the elbows at the top position, to minimize the risk of injury of the joints.

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