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Fitness classes in the heat: 8 tips

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Fitness classes in the heat: 8 tips

The contents

  • Drinking regime
  • The right place and time for fitness
  • Appropriate clothing
  • Adjustment of physical activity
  • Control health
  • Body protection from the sun
  • Timely food
  • Alternative fitness exercise

In the summer the heat increases and can become a real problem especially for those who used to do fitness in the fresh air. Due to the impact of external heat and exercise, the body experiences an increased load, which may adversely affect the General well-being and cause health problems. To normalize the body’s thermoregulation, it is necessary to observe a few simple rules.

Drinking regime

This is a key condition, which should be observed on hot days even those who are not involved in sports. Fitness and in normal weather, must be accompanied by the correct drinking regime, and in the heat of the usual amount of water must be increased depending on the individual characteristics of the person and intensity of the loads. Because sweating can occur from dehydration, which is dangerous to health. In addition, when the body loses water, the performance deteriorates considerably.

Fitness in the heat forcing people to drink more fluids during the day, during and after workouts. It is not necessary to wait for the onset of thirst. During intense exercise in hot weather conditions may require 1.5-2 liters of fluid per hour. You need to drink in small SIPS, to help the body to sweat and cool down. It is advisable to choose cool but not too cold drinks with mineral content (calcium, magnesium, iron) to replace electrolytes and minerals which are actively excreted with sweat. In addition to drinking cool water from a spray can spray the face and neck, to help the body to cool.

The right place and time for fitness

If the fitness in the usual places in the hot weather becomes unbearable, it is necessary to change the location. When hot outside, better stay in the cooler room, equipped with air conditioning or a fan. It is important to remember that intense exercise in the heat make sweat more, but it does not help to lose weight.

Under the influence of heat the body tries to maintain its internal temperature level of 37.2 ° C. derived from the body fluid, but not fat. To protect yourself from health problems related to heat, it is best to train in the shade, morning or evening, when temperatures are still moderate. You should avoid exercising in the midday heat.

Appropriate clothing

Wearing the right clothes will not completely avoid the heat, but it can prevent overheating, especially if the person practicing on the street. It is recommended to choose free or specially designed clothing for fitness, which helps to control perspiration and thermoregulation. Ideally, to rely on natural breathable materials. It is better to avoid dark colors that absorb a lot more sunlight, which the body quickly overheats.

Headpiece — another important attribute for fitness in Sunny weather. Wet a towel with cool water and draped over the neck during exercise can be an effective solution to maintain normal body temperature. Not less important to choose the right shoes. At the beach you can run barefoot, but small steps and no more than 20 minutes, not to provoke pain in the ankle joint and lower leg. It is advisable not to put shoes on the bare feet and use socks made of natural cotton, to limit the irritation that is associated with heat and friction. Professional athletes sometimes use anti-friction creams.

Adjustment of physical activity

The performance degradation of the body due to heat can slow training progress. But it is better not to risk and not to overload the body. Too much heat increases the risk of heat and sunstroke. If you can not find a time and a place for fitness in a cool environment, it is better to slightly reduce the intensity of the load. It is a temporary solution, and should not fear the loss of muscle strength. When the heat subsides or there is a convenient place to practice, you can go back to usual exercises. If it is difficult to independently adjust the load, it is best to consult with a professional instructor.

Control health

Fitness in hot weather, can strongly influence well-being and reduce the protective functions of the body. Therefore, it is important to listen to your body and respond to dangerous symptoms. Dehydration the risk of trauma to the joint and tendinitis is much higher. Moreover, due to the increase in body temperature in the heat may occur: nausea, weakness, headache, dizziness, or increased sweating. In such cases you must stop the exercise, go to a cool place and take action to improve the condition. If after 20 minutes the person is not getting better, it’s not worth the risk, and seek medical help.

Body protection from the sun

Because the active solar radiation reduce the body’s ability to self-cooling and increase the risk of burns and heat stroke, it is important to protect yourself from the harmful effects of the sun. To do this, wear a hat, sunglasses and apply on face and body sunscreen (preferably choose a waterproof means resistant to sweat).

Timely food

Fitness in the heat and on an empty stomach often causes fainting. To avoid it before exercise, especially in hot weather, you need a proper and timely food. For an effective workout after a meal you should wait two to three hours. To maintain the strength and energy of muscles need carbs (pasta, rice, semolina, and products made from whole grains), fiber and lipids. If exercise lasts more than one and a half hours, man it is important to offset the cost of the body and to eat foods rich in minerals and vitamins.

Alternative fitness exercise

Summer is a great reason for training on the beach. As an alternative to the usual fitness you can play beach volleyball or badminton, which allow you to have fun and get good exercise. Walking and running in water (at the hips) — good exercises, which maintain the firmness and elasticity of the hips, struggling with cellulite. Waves of pleasure envelop the body, do a light massage and create a barrier that helps to train the legs and abs.

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