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Fitness classes in technique occisis: exercises and tips for beginners

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Fitness classes in technique occisis: exercises and tips for beginners
The contents

  • Breathing practice fitness workouts occisis
  • A set of basic exercise equipment occisis
  • Tips for beginners on conducting fitness classes

Fitness as a system of healing the body and eliminating weight problems is constantly evolving to meet all human needs in physical exertion. One of the latest trends in fitness is considered occisis method, which includes physical and breathing exercises. Despite the relatively short time of existence, this technique has established itself as an effective means of recovery and effective method of struggle against excess weight. Oxycise advantages over other methods based on breathing and physical exercises, is that this technique allows you to combine breathing practice and physical activity, which gives the opportunity to significantly reduce the duration of fitness.

Breathing practice fitness workouts occisis

Before proceeding to the fitness training in the technique occisis, you need to practice a skill the correct diaphragm respiration. To do this, follow the following sequence of actions, consisting of 4 stages:

  • For starters, you need to sit comfortably or stand, keeping your back straight, relax your stomach and a smile on your face. Then you need to take a deep breath with your nose until you feel that the air is filled not only the lungs but also the abdomen.
  • Contracting the glutes and muscles located in the lower part of the abdomen, performed 3 maximum deep breaths, filling his lungs to maximum.
  • Your lips, between them, leaving only a small circular gap through which you exhale sharply, releasing all the air and pulling the abdomen under the ribs.
  • Perform one deep breath, you need to do 3 more short and sharp exhalation, removing entirely from the air.
  • Repeat this breathing exercise 4 times. It will count as one full respiratory cycle. Throughout the work on the breath, you should keep a smile and keep your head straight.
  • Performing the breathing exercises, it is necessary to adhere to such rules to achieve maximum efficiency from the technique occisis:

    • making the breaths, it is impossible to raise the shoulders to the ears and stick out your chest;
    • the back should be kept straight, preventing its rounding;
    • making additional breaths necessary to keep previously earned air.

    A set of basic exercise equipment occisis

    Having mastered the technique of proper diaphragmatic breathing, you can move on to combining it with exercise. The complex occisis for beginners who want to lose weight and improve the body, may include such a simple but effective training movement:

    • Lateral stretching.

    Standing with a flat back, you need to slightly bend your knees and begin your breathing practice. Performing proper inhalation and exhalation, you should tilt your body to the right and pulled in the same side hand, sending her over the head. In a side slope, you need to perform 4 respiratory cycle. Next you should make a similar tilt to the left. It will count as one repetition. All you need to do 4 of these repeat. In this exercise, you have to stretch it to the side, not forward, otherwise the muscles will not receive the necessary sides of the load. It is also recommended not to shake the body, wishing to increase the burden on this element of the fitness training. Static load, at which the maximum stretch the muscles of the sides, will be enough to get rid of several centimeters at the waist.

    • “Sphinx”.

    You need to lie on your stomach, leaning on forearms, and reject the torso back, stretching all the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall and breast. During stretches you should perform the 4 respiratory cycle. You can then lie on the floor and rest before the next repetition of this movement, in the occupation of fitness technique occisis. Doing the Sphinx, you need to constantly monitor that the load has not shifted from the abdominal muscles on-line. To do this, relax your shoulders, upper back and neck.

    • Exercise “Rocket”.

    Turned over on his back, you need to stretch upper and lower limbs forward and backward, respectively, stretching the whole body. In the period of maximum stretching of the muscles you need to perform the breathing practice. If the technique met, in the abdomen will clearly feel the tension. In one fitness workout you need to make 4 repeat the “Missiles”.

    • Move back.

    To kneel, which should be placed close to each other, turn and clench, moving the pelvis forward a little. Extend hands before a breast and to reject the case back is not rounding the back. In this inclined position is necessary to implement a breathing practice. To reduce the pressure on knee joints and to make the implementation of this element of the fitness classes more comfortable, you need to put under the knees, a thin blanket or a sports Mat.

    Tips for beginners on conducting fitness classes

    Fitness training in the technique occisis will yield obvious result only in the case that newcomers will be actively put into practice the following tips:

    • the duration of the first few lessons should not exceed 15 minutes. As you practice the skill of proper breathing and experience in training the length of each fitness session can vary from 20 to 45 minutes;
    • you should train every day, preferably in the morning and on the street. If the opportunity to train in the fresh air is missing, then it should be done in a well ventilated area, to keep the organism the deficit of oxygen during exercise;
    • for one class it is necessary to perform a total of at least 30 respiratory cycles. To increase load you can increase the number of repetitions;
    • between exercises should not be long pauses. Ideally, each movement should be performed one after the other, but beginners can be hard to work in such pace, so they can rest between sets for a few seconds;
    • it is possible to eat foods 3 hours before workout and one hour after the conference;
    • breathing practices diaphragmatic breathing can be performed multiple times during the day, not combining it with exercise. This will help the body to be oxygenated and will improve the performance of all systems.

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