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Fitness classes for weight loss on a treadmill

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Fitness classes for weight loss on a treadmill
The contents

  • The treadmill at the gym
  • Effective weight loss through running
  • Workout for weight loss on a treadmill

In every person’s life there are moments when there is an urgent need of correction of its own weight. Systematic fitness classes help to get rid of unwanted pounds, strengthen muscles, improve circulation and increase the elasticity of the skin.

The treadmill at the gym

Modern sports industry offers a wide selection of exercise equipment for active physical exercise. One of these popular devices is treadmill. Regular exercise for weight loss on treadmill positive impact on the appearance and health of the athlete. The use of different types of walking and Jogging helps to build lean muscle mass, improves cardiovascular and respiratory systems, intensificare metabolic processes.

The advantages of this simulator is its versatility and ease of operation. Exercises on the device does not require special skills and are a worthy substitute for Jogging. Not every beginner athlete enough time and opportunities for regular Jogging in the fresh air. Weak muscles, excess weight and lack of skills of proper breathing create obstacles to overcome long distances at a fast pace. Treadmill facilitates fitness training due to the adjustable speed and the availability of grab bars, which if necessary can be used as additional support.

Exercises on a treadmill enhance the work of the muscles of the legs, hips and buttocks. Vigorous arm movements accompanying the steps, stressing the muscles of the shoulder girdle and hands. Intense deep breathing provides a workout of the lungs, strengthens the heart muscle.

Treadmill is widely used in fitness to warm up the muscles and organization of training for weight loss.

Effective weight loss through running

Modern fitness machines are equipped with a mini-computer that provides information about the length of the traveled distance, speed, calories burned. To start the process of losing weight, it is necessary to spend 15 minutes Jogging at least 5 times a week. Acquiring the necessary skills, duration of training should be gradually increased. The optimal duration of one run shall be at least 40 minutes.

A long jog is recommended 3-4 times a week. The load on the muscles can be strengthened by adjusting the speed and incline of the track. Walking at a fast pace helps to burn about 300 calories, Jogging up to 500 calories, quick running helps burn 800 calories.

Losing weight through Jogging depends on applied forces. Classes should be performed regularly, gradually increasing the intensity of your workouts. It is not recommended to prevent fatigue during training. In case of shortness of breath or palpitations, you should reduce the tempo of the movements, go for a walk to normalization of breathing.

Workout for weight loss on a treadmill

Any workout should start with warm-up, warming up muscles and preparing them for the main set of exercises.

Fitness exercise on a treadmill can vary, doing walking, running, making attacks, moving ladders, steps or half squat position. The use of different speeds, height adjustment of the inclination of the moving belt also contributes to the intensification of the workload, increasing the effect on certain muscle groups.

The program personal training for weight loss recommended to include the following elements:

  • Walking.

Beginners to fitness should start to learn to walking on a moving belt. The average travel speed shall be not less than 7 km/h.

  • Walking on an inclined belt.

In the process of training recommended alternating incline levels from smaller to larger and Vice versa. It contributes to the load and a significant increase in the number of calories burned.

  • Jogging.

Slow running at a speed of 7 to 9 km/h is the ideal tool for health, strengthening the heart muscle and stimulating the respiratory system. Moderate speed makes it possible to save power and travel long distances without fatigue. With proper technique the soles of the feet relaxed “shuffling” on the surface of the track. Such movements reduce the load on the joints and reduce the risk of injury.

  • Interval run.

At this stage, the fitness training is alternating running loads with different speeds. Transitions from running to walking and back to running increase the impact on muscles, stimulate metabolic processes, greatly enhance the number of calories and ensure weight loss body. Recommended recovery walk intervals alternate with intervals of fast running. In determining the value of such time intervals should be based on the individual characteristics of the organism: to take into account the degree of toughness, resistance to stress, speed recovery of normal respiration.

In order to avoid painful feelings complete fitness training followed by stretching exercises of the muscles. To relieve tension in the muscles after training on the track, it is recommended to take a contrast shower.

Regular exercise activates the metabolism and helps burn fat. Slimming athlete is more rapid in compliance with appropriate diet. To enhance the result should be adhered to reasonable restrictions in the diet, minimizing the consumption of foods abundant with fats and carbohydrates. Training on a treadmill, preferably on an empty stomach, exercising regular food intake no earlier than one hour after the completion of the training.

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