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Fitness classes for weight loss at home

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Fitness classes for weight loss at home

The contents

  • Why is weight loss in the home must be accompanied by a fitness activity?
  • The rules for successful weight loss at home
  • Fitness slimming at home: a programme of action

Effective weight correction is impossible without accompanying a balanced diet fitness program. Weight loss, not accompanied by regular exercise, detrimental to the body. Health problems, General weakness and a rapid return of the discarded weight is unpleasant consequences of hunger and dieting. Whether or not to hungry if fitness slimming cope with the problem better and without strict cutting diet?

The reason many people still prefer the absurdly strict diet exercises — in the apparent availability of this method of struggle against excess weight. Not everyone can devote time to sports clubs or private lessons with an instructor. Diets do not demand neither time, nor material costs seem to be the most obvious way to lose weight at home. Meanwhile, a gym for weight loss you can do at home. All that is required for success is a correct statement of purposes, program of action and self-discipline.

Why is weight loss in the home must be accompanied by a fitness activity?

Tolerable dietary restrictions themselves provide the immediate result only if the body is experiencing the shock of sudden changes. For example, if the number of daily absorbed prior to diet was much higher than recommended by doctors normal. Those who ate normally or eating a little more than you should, you will have to practice extreme diet, more like a hunger to achieve at least some effect.

The situation changes if you add in weight loss program regular exercise. There is no need to sharply cut back the diet, the body will change before our eyes. Fitness slimming works on the principle of “how much invested — so much and received”: the more intense the classes are held, the faster the body gets rid of excess weight. While splits are not muscle mass, as derived from the long hunger, and fat reserves. Fat burning is a process that is triggered by physical exertion. When the training ends, the fat continues to burn for a few hours.

To start the process of losing weight, exercise should last no longer than twenty minutes. Intense twenty-minute workout is enough to get the body used up the stock carbs and went to fat. Therefore, effective weight loss at home can not only consist of diet and morning exercise: need a full fitness program.

Fitness for weight loss helps the body to normalize metabolism, allowing more effective to lose weight. Among the exercises that lead up the metabolism and available for independent practice, everyone will find something to taste. It’s weight training, gymnastic movements, Jogging, cardio, or fashionable now directions of training on fitball, Pilates or yoga.

The rules for successful weight loss at home

To weight loss was effective, it is recommended to adhere to the following principles.

  • The first principle: the required consistency.

Many people prefer to pay for a gym membership as recognize their own inability to control personal time. Losing weight at home requires a greater degree of autonomy and awareness. Your money is not burned up, if you miss a weekly workout in your own living room, and nobody asks you why you have finished a single run — but the results of laziness and irresponsibility is certainly affected, and very sad way. Don’t be fooled: concessions and absenteeism undo all that you did. Remember: losing weight is worth the effort. When the weight is normalized, you will receive not only a beautiful body but also an extra reason for confidence in his willpower.

  • Principle two: a comprehensive approach to exercise.

For example, you your appearance are satisfied. Here only the feet are slightly overweight, it would be necessary to correct. Does this mean that we should make the most of leg exercises and forget about the other muscle groups? In any case. The more and more uniform body involved in the process of burning fat, the more harmonious and faster this process occurs. At the same time to plan activities must be careful must first go fully warm up, then strength training, then cardio.

  • Principle three: get rid of the monotony!

Successful weight loss at home is always going outside the comfort zone. Fortunately, you don’t need to diet, gradually reducing your daily diet. But to surprise the body is still necessary — with new movements and exercises. In addition, the training intensity must gradually increase, adjusting to the possibility growing muscle.

Fitness slimming at home: a programme of action

Before you make a training plan, you should consider that the maximum effect of physical activity is given in conjunction with a healthy, balanced diet. Fatty foods, sweets, alcohol and pastries make us tired and lethargic, stressing the digestive system and interfere with training in full force. Weight loss goes as efficiently as possible on a diet of low carb foods have low fat content. Baked or steamed dishes are the best choice. Fasting should not, however, accustom ourselves to eat at the same time every day and get enough servings of average size. Eat calmly, not in a hurry, and don’t forget to drink water. The norm is about eight to ten glasses of water a day prevents dehydration and removes the false sense of hunger.

For effective weight loss enough three strength training per week, the classes should last at least a half hour. At desire it is possible to reduce the time of training, but in this case it is necessary to increase their number so that week there were at least four hours power loads. To control the weight loss at home is easier if you pre-purchase equipment that increases the effectiveness of strength training: weights, fitball, dumbbells. Choose sports equipment to your liking, focusing on those exercises that you like to do.

Fitness slimming also provides for regular aerobic exercise. Running and jumping give the maximum result in less time. At this rate of execution is not important: the body burns fat throughout the workout. This means that from the long classes will be more useful than a couple of minutes of the sprint. Two aerobic workouts a week would be sufficient. Duration workouts for beginners — about 30-40 minutes.

Summing all this, it is possible to make following a weight loss program.

  • Daily exercises to maintain muscle tone. Charging for weight loss should last at least fifteen minutes to warm up the muscles and incorporate stretching exercises.
  • Three strength training for a couple of hours with equipment or without.
  • Two or three cardio: run 1.5 km (about 30-40 minutes of running at a leisurely pace) or one hundred jumping rope
  • Stretching exercises in the days free from intense physical exertion. Stretching prevents injury and muscle soreness after a workout and should last at least half an hour.

To weight loss at home more effectively, add to the interesting routine of physical activity. Stay in front of the TV can be replaced by walks in the Park, playing active games outdoors or Cycling. Try to walk wherever he used to travel by car or public transport. For weight loss not need to eat any special foods or go on expensive sports activities to the instructor: you are quite able to control themselves.

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