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Fitness classes for beginners: recommendations and exercises

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Fitness classes for beginners: recommendations and exercises

The contents

  • Tips for fitness training
  • The most appropriate fitness classes for beginners
  • Universal set of basic exercises

Recently the number of adherents of a healthy lifestyle is growing rapidly. People want to stay young and get rid of health problems arising from technological advances and environmental degradation. The main role in this process is played by physical exercises performed regularly. They compensate the lack of physical activity, which in turn leads to a healthier body and better shape. However, beginners fitness enthusiasts often have difficulty with organization of training process, adversely affecting work efficiency. Therefore, beginners must learn the rules of the fitness and technique of the basic exercise movements.

Tips for fitness training

People inexperienced in the fitness training, it is necessary to use the following recommendations of experienced athletic trainers to physical activity was the most productive, useful and safe for health:

  • the first thing you need to start is to determine the purpose of fitness.

They may be conducted, for example, for weight loss or for muscle building and to improve the cardiorespiratory system or for problems with locomotor apparatus. From the ultimate goal of the training depends on the program of its carrying out. So, to build muscle you need to perform strength exercises no more than 3 times a week using a working weight. For weight loss, the emphasis should be on cardio;

  • having defined the ultimate goal, it is necessary to choose the right direction of fitness.

In this process you need to focus on individual preferences, the initial level of fitness and the intensity exerted during fitness training load. To the selected occupation to be effective, it must be like. No point Jogging if it doesn’t bring pleasure, and each jog negative emotions, which inevitably negatively affect the outcome. Instead of running, dancing, aerobic exercises, Aqua fitness or any other kind of motor activity that brings joy;

  • choosing the right direction of fitness, you should buy appropriate sports clothing, shoes and accessories.

In addition to its practical purpose is to make training as comfortable as possible – you can do cause a desire to wear it again, saying thus to carry out regular fitness classes;

  • you need to train regularly, but don’t want the enthusiasm to do it daily.

Muscles and other body systems need time to rest, during which they can fully recover. Compliance with the periodization of modes of work and rest assures a positive and, most importantly, safe for health the result of the exercise;

  • load in the first training should be minimal.

Beginners are not physically able to take a lot of weight or run a few kilometers. It is better to start small and gradually increase the load, thus providing conditions for progress results;

  • in the case of missing fitness classes at the gym, you need to compensate this exercise at home.

This can be done by a simple universal set to major muscle groups based on the basic training movements;

  • regardless of the place where the fitness workout, they should start with a warm up and complete stretching exercises.

Warm-up prepares the body for exercise, increases their efficacy and safety, and hitch helps to relieve muscle tension, stimulates regenerative processes and reduces the risk of delayed onset muscle soreness;

  • conducting fitness training in the gym, beginners should use the services of the instructor.

It will help to create an optimal program that considers the health status and problems with the figure, explain the correct technique of the exercises and podkorrektirovatj work in case of technical violations.

The most appropriate fitness classes for beginners

People with a minimum level of fitness, decided to join the gym, you should pay attention to the following directions:

  • Strength training that includes exercises with weights, the result of which the muscles are actively growing and developing, and their weight and volume considerably increase.
  • Sessions with fitball, have a complex load on the body and positive influence on the health of the spine.
  • Step aerobics. This direction is based on exercises with a special platform with adjustable height. It provides high-quality cardio leads to muscle tone and helps to get rid of extra pounds.
  • Jogging or Jogging. Jogging at a moderate pace to train the cardiorespiratory system, strengthen muscles, promote weight loss, increase stamina and improve physical shape.
  • Pilates, yoga and other areas of fitness-based stretching and breathing exercises.
  • Universal set of basic exercises

    New to the fitness world should be, first and foremost, to master the technique mnogosloinykh basic exercises that provide the load on several muscle groups and stimulate their growth and increase the level of physical training. Such training movements include:

    • The pull-UPS.

    To catch up should the different grips, using different setting of the hands to work out the maximum number of muscle groups.

    • Push-UPS.

    This is another effective exercise for developing the muscles of the upper body. Pushups, and pullups, have many embodiments. Beginners should start with the simplest and gradually complicate the technique.

    • Squats.

    Squat can be different, thus the load on all the major muscles of the lower extremities.

    • Twisting.

    This exercise is aimed at the elaboration of the press and the entire muscular system. It does not should raise the entire body. Enough off the floor just shoulder blades and below the abdominal muscles have received for their development workload.

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