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Fitness biceps thighs: exercises with barbells and dumbbells

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Fitness biceps thighs: exercises with barbells and dumbbells
The contents

  • Anatomical features
  • Exercises for the legs
  • Dead lift
  • Attacks
  • Exercises
  • Squats “sumo”
  • Effective fitness exercises with its own weight

The hamstring is one of the largest muscles of the human body. It is on the back of the thighs legs and is a two-headed muscle. Quality work in the gym over these muscles helps you improve your achievements in such sports as powerlifting, heavy and light athletics, wrestling. In addition, strength exercises for the muscles of the thigh attach to the muscles of the lower extremities relief, volume and beauty. This article discusses the most effective exercises for this muscle group, which can be used in training both men and women.

Anatomical features

Hamstrings are antagonists of quadriceps feet, accounting basic static load, and they also provide us with bipedalism. The task of the biceps is flexion and extension of the legs. Formed by muscles of the 2 heads (short and long). They give bulge the back of the thigh.

Biceps legs has the ability to shorten with age, which affects the visual appeal of the legs. While many people have pain syndrome during elevation of the upper extremities in an erect state or the tilting of the body on straight legs. And the older the person becomes, the more pronounced these negative features. Therefore, to preserve the beauty of the lower limbs and their functionality, you need to perform regular leg exercises, accompanying them with quality stretching.

Exercises for the legs

Training of the lower extremities is important in strength. With its help solve the issues of improving the visual proportions of the body, stimulates the production of hormones promoting growth of muscles, strengthen muscles that are responsible for the stability of the torso during the movement. Well-chosen exercises for the legs will effectively develop strength and endurance of the biceps of thighs, quadriceps and calf muscles.

Dead lift

This exercise is included in the basic set of exercises aimed at pumping legs. Athlete, working with a barbell, well working the muscles of the lower extremities, simultaneously stretching the muscles and ligaments. Dead lift much like the deadlift. The only difference is that this power element runs almost straight legs. The muscles of the back surface with good stretch, which contributes to their accelerated growth.

Need to know what technically improperly executed dead lift can cause injury to the feet. So, no need to rush to raise large weight. First you need to learn to lift weights correctly, following the following scheme:

  • stand with your feet shoulder width apart, back without sagging, smooth;
  • move the pelvis back;
  • tilt your body forward;
  • grasp hands behind neck, not bending feet;
  • climb up, straightening himself by working back and legs;
  • lower the barbell to the floor;
  • all movements are performed smoothly, without jerks.

After doing exercises it is recommended to do a little leg stretching. This will reduce the oxidation of the muscles, relieve their tension and pain.


This is an effective exercise for biceps and quadriceps of the legs. It can be done with a barbell or dumbbells. The technique of movements is as follows:

  • rise directly, feet on distance of width of a foot from each other;
  • the Griffon on his shoulders, if you are using dumbbells, they need to raise the level of the shoulder girdle;
  • make a wide step forward the right leg, with her thigh should be parallel to floor; left leg bent at the knee, but not touching the floor;
  • effortless push back into original position;
  • repeat the exercise on the other leg.

When performing lunges, do not tilt back and follow the equilibrium.


Using standard equipment, can be very effectively work the biceps of the legs. You need to train until you feel a slight burning sensation in the muscles of the lower extremities, almost to bursting muscles. The main exercise on the simulator on the biceps of the lower limb is bending and straightening of the legs in the supine position. You need to work only with their feet, clearly locking the body on the bench. The hips should be tensioned.

Squats “sumo”

To make progress in increasing strength and muscle volume of the thighs of the legs, you can use simple, effective exercises — squats “sumo”. Doing it like this:

  • stand straight with feet wider than shoulders;
  • take in the lowered hands dumbbell weight 5-10 kilograms;
  • keep your back straight;
  • exhale and perform a squat;
  • in the bottom of the squat the hip takes the position parallel to the floor;
  • pause 2-3 seconds and straighten up.

These squats should be done 10-15 times. During a training session, perform 2-3 series of squats “sumo”.

Effective fitness exercises with its own weight

For those who cannot attend gym or who do not have at home barbells and dumbbells, to work on a sculpture of legs and without weighting. Effective exercises performed using your own body weight. Basically, these different types of squats:

  • Shrimp.

Being in an upright position, bend one leg at the knee and take her back. Hold the limb with your hands in this position and perform a squat on one leg. For balance you can hold on hand for support.

  • Pistol.

Popular fitness exercise for the legs. In this case, one leg is straight and extended forward. A squat performed with the feet.

  • Cossack.

Exercises of this type help to increase foot strength and flexibility of the hip joints. To do this squat, you need to stand straight, bend hands in elbows and pressed to the chest. The next step is a wide step to the side with the squat. Support leg bent at the knee, the free limb is straightened. The athlete then straightens up, returns to its original position and makes the squat the other way.

In order to effectively pump up the legs and give the hamstrings the volume and view, need to exercise regularly. Target classes are satisfied with once a week. But separate exercises for the legs can be included in all training days.

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