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Fitness bars: features exercises for beginners

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Fitness bars: features exercises for beginners

The contents

  • The major muscle group involved in exercise
  • Techniques of execution of the fitness element
  • Typical mistakes that reduce the effectiveness of fitness training
  • Tips for beginners

Dips is effective exercise to study muscle fibers of the thorax and shoulder girdle. This element of the fitness training belongs to the group of force elements performed with the weight of his own body. This work involves an intense strain on the body, so before you begin training, you should be familiar with the basic rules and techniques of safe exercise.

The major muscle group involved in exercise

When performing exercises dips the main burden falls on:

  • pectoralis muscle;
  • front deltoid muscle fibers;
  • triceps muscles of the shoulder girdle.

Core muscles, biceps and trapezoid perform a stabilizing function. Changing the setting of the arms, the width of the grip, the position and angle of tilting can vary the emphasis of the load. To study the pectoral muscles should be possible to withdraw the shoulder from the body and slightly lean forward. To effectively pump the triceps, while performing push UPS, the hands should be close to torso and elbows pointing back.

Bars located a short distance from each other, are more suitable to strengthen the triceps. To focus on the chest muscles require more remote from each other shells.

A sophisticated modification of an element, to qualitatively examine the muscles of the back and chest, are dips from the prone position.

Techniques of execution of the fitness element

Dips is quite a challenging fitness element requiring contractor’s thoughtful approach, strict adherence to proper technique and full attention. The algorithm of the exercise depends on the target muscles that can be worked through.

  • Pushups to strengthen the triceps.

Starting position: the body is vertical, perpendicular to the floor, arms straight, shoulders back, legs stretched and joined together. The exercise is performed with a neutral grip, with palms turned towards the body. Taking a deep breath, lower the body down to the formation in the elbow joint angles. During the execution of the load arms close to body and elbows pointing backward. On the exhale, straighten your arms, and due to the hard work of the triceps to return the body to its original position. Body moves exclusively up and down. Avoid rocking the body from side to side.

To enhance the load in the target muscle to the top or bottom point of the exercise should still get a lock for a few seconds. The use of static muscle contraction in the peak area several times increases the efficiency of fitness training. To complicate element to enhance the load on the triceps can do not end up straightening your elbows when you return to starting position.

  • Push-UPS to strengthen the quads.

Complicated modification of the classic push-UPS on the bars. The scheme of the exercise is similar to the option to work out the triceps. Just running the item from the rack at arm’s length with bent legs. The angle between the Shin and the thigh should be straight.

  • Pushups for the study of muscle fibers of the chest.

To fix the hands on the shell neutral grip. Body to tilt forward a little. On the inhale lower the body down between the bars by bending your elbows and throwing them to the side. For the full development of the chest muscles need a deep lowering of the body down: hands should be at the level of the armpits. On the exhale, pushing the body upwards to return to starting position, thus reducing the maximum blade. During movement in the muscle fibers of the chest should feel tension but not pain and discomfort. It is most efficient to practice the exercise after the bench press.

Performing push-UPS has increased stress on the joints. So you need to be extremely attentive to the sequence of movements: errors in technique lead to serious consequences in the form of injuries and sprains.

Typical mistakes that reduce the effectiveness of fitness training

Most often, the performers allow the following error:

  • Too wide grip: it increases the risk of damage to the ligaments and joints. In a classic embodiment of the sports item hands should be placed shoulder width apart. Valid and a more narrow formulation of the hands.
  • The broken rhythm of breathing leads to slower blood circulation and oxygen deficiency in muscle fibers. Inhale is in the process of lowering the body down, and exhale when returning the body to a vertical position.
  • Rounding the back: overloading of shoulder joints and can cause injury.
  • The absence of a fixed body in the extreme top and bottom point of the exercise: this technique reduces the effectiveness of training.
  • The accelerated pace of compliance: allows to evenly distribute the load and reduces the performance of fitness training. Movement should be smooth and measured. The lower the speed of the element, the more load get working on the muscles.
  • Skipping warm-up exercises before the main training makes it unsafe. Unprepared muscles and joints more susceptible to injury.
  • The use of advanced options of the exercises with weights without proper training. Use of goods and special weighting is only suitable for experienced, well prepared performers.
  • Tips for beginners

    The performers, for the first time performing dips, you should use a special machine with a counterweight, which is called the gravitron. It is equipped with a platform for maintaining stability of his knees, which greatly simplifies the implementation of push UPS.

    With the help of this simulator novice fitness enthusiasts will be able to thoroughly examine the basics of proper technique execution of the sports element. To simplify the exercise will also help rubber dampers fixed on the work apparatus to maintain feet.

    The first classes on the standard boards perform better with a shortened range of motion: do not lower the body too low. In the early stages it is advisable to take the help of an instructor or partner for extra insurance.

    Before fitness training on the bars is recommended to spend a few lead sessions to strengthen the muscles of the thorax and shoulder girdle, which can consist of these exercises:

    • pushups with a standard or narrow formulation of the hands;
    • dumbbell bench press or barbell from a lying position;
    • breeding of dumbbells in the slope;
    • French press;
    • strap from the rack on straight arms.

    Pre-amplification of the muscle fibers prior to the upcoming work on the bars will greatly reduce the risk of injury.

    The number of sets and reps they should increase gradually. Start with 5 pushups and 2 approaches with each workout try to perform 1-2 more repetitions. Between sets leave one or two minutes to rest. All movements should be controlled, with an established neuromuscular connection. Avoid inertia.

    With the help of correctly performed push-UPS on the bars, you can greatly strengthen the muscles of the chest, to give the target zones of the desired volume to effectively work the shoulder girdle, relief and outline your triceps, and strengthen joint and ligaments and increase flexibility.

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