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Fitness at the weight exercises for chest muscles

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Fitness at the weight exercises for chest muscles
The contents

  • The complex of power exercises for chest
  • Tips for conducting fitness
  • Error in fitness workouts for the chest muscles

The muscles of the chest (or, as they are called, pectoralis) with proper development gives the figure of a man, an attractive shape, since a wide chest has always been considered a sign of masculinity and strength. Women is also useful to perform exercises for the chest to retain the shape of the bust and prevent sagging breast.

The complex of power exercises for chest

To exert intense pressure on pectoralis muscles and thus stimulate their strengthening and active growth, you need a fitness workout to include several elements of the following power set:

  • Bench press with a barbell.

To be technically correct to squeeze the weight, you need to lie on a horizontal imbewu bench, take hold of the neck, widely spreading his palms and remove the rod with the locking racks. Further, the exercise should bring the neck to the chest. Breathing in, straighten the upper limb and zimowym a motion to withdraw the rod to position over the chest. After a second, slowly lower the shell into its original position. This bench has a load not only on pectoralis muscles but also engages the triceps, Delta and the trapezium, so it must be included in the programme of fitness activities for the development of the muscles of the torso.

  • Bench press with dumbbells.

Technically, it is training the movement is identical to the bench press bar and also intensively load the muscles of the chest and other muscle groups of the torso. In addition, because of the need to constantly monitor the position of both dumbbells and their vertical path of motion to work are forced to connect the muscles-stabilizers. Besides, dumbbells are more convenient to use during home fitness workouts.

  • A bar press performed on jimboy the bench with a slope.

The technique of this variation of the bench press involves making movements in a set sequence: lie on the bench, stick your feet into the floor, remove the projectile from the stands and hold it fairly wide grip, closer to the top of the chest. Next, breath, you need to squeeze the weight, keeping the vertical trajectory of the lift of the projectile, in spite of the inclined position of the body. In this exercise (assuming that the angle of the bench is approximately 20 degrees), the load focuses on the muscles located in the lower part of the thorax. The main advantage of the bench press on incline bench – it allows you to take much more weight than horizontal.

  • Bench press on a flat bench, perform with dumbbells.

The Protocol of this exercise is similar to working with a barbell. However, in this embodiment, the bench is extremely important to select the appropriate weight dumbbells. If the mass of the projectiles is too high, then this is a training movement cannot be performed in full amplitude and, hence, its effectiveness will be reduced and in parallel, will increase the risk of injury.

  • The bench press barbell on the bench with a negative slope.

The principle of implementation of this element of the fitness training common to all zimowych movements from the breast: it is necessary to first bring the bar to the torso, and then withdraw to a distance of outstretched arms. The use of such a press includes not only the development pectorally muscle, but also in increasing the elasticity of the pectoralis major muscle. To avoid the negative consequences of a long stay in the head-down position, you need the rest period between sets of exercises to raise the body.

  • Breeding dumbbells.

Taking the shells, lie on bench and position dumbbells in front of chest at arm’s length so that their heads were directed towards the head and knees. Doing a deep breath, slowly dissolve the upper limb to the side. When the shells will fall just below the shop, you need to pause the exercise, exhaling during this period of time. Bringing the shells together in front of chest, repeat the exercise.

Tips for conducting fitness

Fitness classes aimed at stimulation of muscle growth of the chest, must be guided by the following advice of experienced sports trainers to get positive result in the shortest possible time:

  • fitness classes for the development of pectorally muscles should start with a warm-up. It should contain elements of joint exercises and active movements such as swings and withdrawal of the upper limbs. In addition, workout can login easy cardio, which enhances blood flow to target muscles;
  • at the end of fitness workout after doing the main complex you need to stretch the muscle fibers. This is necessary in order to relax the muscles and activate her regeneration. This hitch also reduces the risk of delayed onset muscle soreness that often accompanies strength training;
  • choosing a working weight, you need to focus on the level of physical training. In this initial stage should be to give preference to lighter projectiles and gradually increase the load, focusing on the feeling of ease when dealing with the specified work weight;
  • the number of repetitions in each set and the number of approaches should match the level of training of the muscles and the ultimate goal of training. To increase muscle mass you use heavier weights and perform a small number of repetitions, and for separation of the chest muscles and give them relief you need to focus on mnogopoliarnosti and use not too heavy projectiles.

Error in fitness workouts for the chest muscles

To fitness classes, the purpose of which is the formation of bulk and relief of muscles of a breast, was effective and safe, when training you need to avoid the following common mistakes:

  • not to chase after the heavy working weight, which in most cases leads to abuse, and trauma, as well as to redistribution of the load from the chest muscles to other muscle groups;
  • use alone zimowych exercise leads to adaptation of the muscles, so a fitness program should include a variety of training movements.
  • work only with free weights, too negative. Modern simulators allow you to work all major muscle groups of the chest, therefore, to ignore the power sports equipment is not necessary.

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