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Fitness at home: the pros and cons of home workouts

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Fitness at home: the pros and cons of home workouts
The contents

  • The pros and cons of home physical exercise
  • Fitness at home — specific training
  • Best time for fitness at home
  • The necessary equipment
  • Fitness slimming
  • Rules of performance of exercises

All women want to be beautiful and slim. And that is not fitness will help to keep your figure in good condition? Everyone understands the importance of physical activity. But, many women cannot afford regular visits to gyms for quite trivial reasons: chronic lack of free time. To solve this problem by organizing fitness classes at home.

The pros and cons of home physical exercise

Choosing between a fitness club and home workouts, you need to evaluate all the pros/cons and stay the most convenient option. Advantages of training at home are:

  • no need to spend money on a subscription;
  • you can save on the purchase of sports uniforms, so how to do at home at any casual clothes;
  • don’t have complexes about the shortcomings of her figure, and the lack of skills of execution of sports exercises;
  • there is an opportunity to choose the time and duration of the workout.

Of course, fitness at home has its disadvantages. This:

  • The absence of the coach. This drawback is easily solved if to find in the Internet the program of physical education and sports at home. There are now online a lot: they are presented in text form and in the form of video tutorials.
  • The need to independently acquire the equipment needed for training. Although for doing at home you can use the most simple and inexpensive equipment.
  • The probability of irregular classes or complete termination as yourself psychologically to train harder in comparison with group lessons. In this case everything will depend on the attitude of the novice and his desire to change yourself and your figure.
  • Thus, ironically, fitness, organized directly on the home, the shortage of time is a great way to support their fitness and body shaping. For many women this is the ideal physical exercise and sports as part of a healthy lifestyle.

    Fitness at home — specific training

    Despite the fact that sports buildings are among the easiest forms of fitness to train should, observing certain rules:

  • Workout clothes should be loose and easy. Foot purchase athletic shoes that protect the joints from injury.
  • Before exercise to do warm-up and after a work hitch.
  • Drink water during class to maintain water balance.
  • Optimal exercise time for beginners is 30 minutes. Enough 3 classes per week to get involved in the training process. Then the time and frequency of sessions can be gradually increased.
  • During the training, pay attention to your breathing technique and exercise.
  • If you use fitness slimming, be sure to adjust your diet.
  • Do not exercise immediately after lunch or dinner. Eat about 1.5-2 hours before exercising.
  • The implementation of these simple recommendations will allow you to easily cope with the increased on the body loads, and from training to pleasure.

    Best time for fitness at home

    Choose the right time for training — this is a big step towards the realization of its goals. Because during the day it is usually difficult to find free time for fitness, it is recommended to do either in the morning before heading to work or start their daily chores; or in the evening when there is time to rest.

    Start your day with morning exercise is the best solution. After 15-30 minutes of a variety of exercise the muscles come in tone, the mood improves and you receive additional energy, charging the body with energy to start the day.

    Morning exercise should consist of a mix of 10-15 exercises designed for all major muscle groups. It can be running, jumping, squats, push-UPS, crunches, swings, playing with dumbbells, chest expander and more.

    If training is planned in the evening, don’t do it on an empty stomach. If it is not possible to eat in advance, then for 15-20 minutes before class, eat a banana, drink some sweet tea with a nutritious cereal bar or use a special sports nutrition. Even if you are tired at work, should not give up on fitness. Dosed physical activity will only benefit.

    The necessary equipment

    Before you begin to physical exercise and sports at home, you need to take care of the acquisition of the appropriate equipment. It can be:

    • fitball exercise ball;
    • jump rope;
    • dumbbells;
    • expander;
    • the hula-Hoop.

    This set is quite enough to organize an effective workout and get in the classroom right load, which will strengthen muscles, burning excess fat, exercise the heart and lungs.

    Fitness slimming

    Most girls start to do fitness to lose weight or to adjust your figure in the hips, waist, buttocks. The most effective way to realize this task is circuit training, three sessions per week. For example:

    • 1 day.

    Intense walking with high knee, squats, leg swings, exercise strap, work on a press with its own weight.

    • Day 2.

    Squats, exercises with dumbbells, chest expander, push-UPS.

    • Day 3.

    Exercises using an exercise ball, jumping rope, exercises on flexibility, strap.

    The effectiveness of fitness for weight loss will largely depend on the intensity of exercise and duration of employment.

    Rules of performance of exercises

    Fitness at home requires careful planning. Before starting the regular classes, make training program and strictly follow the plan. To perform any exercise, it is necessary to account for such rules:

    • every item you need to do within 30-45 seconds;
    • pause between exercises to keep no more than 15 seconds;
    • all exercises to perform one after the other;
    • a set of exercises repeated 2-3 times with a break of 1-2 minutes;
    • if something causes pain or discomfort, it should be replaced by more convenient and accessible;
    • performing strength exercises, pick the load that suits your abilities and fitness level.

    Regardless of whether you are using fitness slimming training to develop strength or endurance — to achieve results, exercise regularly, follow a healthy diet and refrain from harmful habits.

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