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Fitness at home for beginners: where to start?

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Fitness at home for beginners: where to start?
The contents

  • The most popular directions of fitness
  • Basic rules of exercise
  • A basic set of exercises for effective weight loss

For most modern people, fitness is not just a trendy fad, and the only way to compensate for the lack of physical activity and reducing the negative effects of physical inactivity and negative consequences of technological advancement. However, not all people, especially in the frantic pace of life, which dictates all of the same technical progress, have the opportunity to consistently visit the gym and spend sport time and finances. In this case, the only way is performing physical exercises at home.

The most popular directions of fitness

The most popular types of fitness training, the purpose of which is to maintain good physical shape, strengthening and development of muscles, effective weight loss body and organism, are the following:

  • aerobics and any physical activity.

At which accelerates the heart rate and quickens breathing rhythm. Cardio have a wide species diversity, so everyone can choose for themselves the most appropriate physical exercise, regular performance of which solves individual problems with the figure taking into account medical contraindications and no negative health consequences;

  • the body Flex.

Fitness classes, including physical activity and breathing practice. Such a complex effect on the body speeds up metabolism and normalizes work of all systems and organs. The result of the lessons bodyflex is to improve the health status and the formation of a beautiful toned figure without the exertion of high-intensity physical activity on the body;

  • Pilates.

The direction of fitness, which is based on therapeutic exercise, pursuing its goal of rehabilitation after injury. Side a positive effect of Pilates is a complete recovery of the body and losing excess weight. It is noteworthy that effective weight loss while Pilates is not due to high-intensity aerobic physical activity, and due to the acceleration of metabolic processes and the normalization of all systems. Pilates has virtually no contraindications and is suitable even for those people who have serious joint problems and for this reason are unable to do other, more intense physical activity to improve the silhouette of the figure and General health;

  • fitness classes with fitball.

Gymnastic ball large size. Training with this projectile strengthen the spine and the muscles that surround it and fixed in the anatomically correct position. In addition, performing exercise on this ball, forced to work, even those muscles that usually remain passive when carrying out basic workouts without using the fitball as the primary sports equipment. This effect is due to the fact that the person working with a stability ball is a large diameter, has to make efforts to secure the balance;

  • tybo.

Modern fitness trend that incorporates elements of aerobics, various martial arts and various dance styles. This combination makes loads classes tybo interesting and productive in the process of healing the body, improving the physical capabilities of the body and stimulate effective weight loss;

  • stretching or stretching.

This area of physical activity allows to develop flexibility of the body, forms a good posture gives the body movements smooth, and the walk — ease, neutralizes cramps and clamps in the body and leads to muscle tone.

Basic rules of exercise

To training done at home has been the most productive and safe, beginner fitness enthusiasts need to follow some important rules and useful recommendations, based on many years of positive experience of specialists in the field of professional sports and therapeutic physical culture:

  • drills should be conducted regularly. Schedule fitness activities can include 2-5 workouts per week depending on initial level of fitness and goals of home training. If the purpose of training is to strengthen muscles and build up muscle, then train 2-3 times a week, doing mostly strength exercises with its own or additional weight and allowing the muscles to recover efficiently. But if using home training necessary to achieve effective weight loss, you need to train 3-5 times a week, paying special attention to the cardio to stimulate fat-burning metabolism;
  • 1-1. 5 hours before workout and within 1 hour after the lesson should not eat food that the body used its own energy reserves, and not derive energy from food;
  • the intensity of the exercises should be increased gradually, starting with the most simple exercise movements and provide the body a short cardio. Later, when the muscles will become stronger and your endurance improves, you can increase the intensity of home training by increasing the working weight or perform more complex versions of the physical exercises;
  • every workout must begin with a warm-up to prepare the body for the subsequent load and thereby increase the performance and reduce the risk of injury. Complete a fitness workout need to stretch those muscle groups that were active during the lesson.

A basic set of exercises for effective weight loss

In the basic fitness training conducted in the home and is designed for the beginning level of physical preparation may consist of the following universal and effective exercises:

  • Classic squats and various options for their implementation.
  • Lunges and swings the lower limbs.
  • Flexion and extension, information and cultivation, presses and pulls of the upper limbs adequate operating weight.
  • Twisting in all variations, lifts of the lower extremities in the horizontal position of the body and vis.

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