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Fitness at home: a simple program of exercises for hands

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Fitness at home: a simple program of exercises for hands

The contents

  • Varieties of fitness workouts
  • Home training with a barbell
  • Fitness workout for arms with dumbbells
  • Bodyweight exercises
  • Useful tips on the exercises

Hands are one of the most problem areas for study: if you train without regard to the rules, instead of weight-loss in this part of the body can build up unnecessary volume. For this reason, it is important to follow helpful recommendations on exercise. People planning to decrease the volume of the zone owner, they will remove unsightly sagging skin and fat deposits.

Those who wish to strengthen the muscles of the hands and increase the volume, tips for fitness training will help to increase the volume of the hands so that they looked athletically and harmoniously.

In order to make the hands look beautiful does not have to do grueling workouts in the gym. Correct home training will help to achieve the desired results and keep effect for a long time.

Varieties of fitness workouts

Home fitness workout for the hands include a lot of intense and low-intensity exercise. Each of them targets a specific area in order to develop all region equally. If we are talking about hands, there are several major groups of muscles:

  • biceps (two-headed muscles of shoulders);
  • brachioradialis muscle;
  • shoulder muscles;
  • coracobrachialis muscle;
  • long Palmar muscle;
  • triceps (three-headed muscles of shoulders).

It is very important to develop simultaneously all the specified areas, otherwise the hands will either remain weak or tightened properly, or does not acquire aesthetic relief.

To work the hands is important not only men but also girls. Home exercises for correct diagram will make the silhouette of the hand and a graceful fit, which is especially important to get a harmonious body.

The system of training for the hands include sports elements with varying degrees of complexity and intensity. Most of the loadings has a power character, but there are those that combine cardio and strength movements. To build muscles of the hand fit only power fitness workouts. For weight loss in the arms, while tightening sagging areas — combined exercises.

Basic training for the hands is with the use of additional weights and different projectiles:

  • rods (for necks of different configurations);
  • dumbbells;
  • weights;
  • bodybare;
  • the crossbar.

The choice of equipment for home training for hands depends on the physical fitness of a person, his desires and what muscles it develops. As a rule, beginners start performing home fitness workouts for the hands with her own weight and free weights, gradually connecting such specific and heavy shells, like rods and weights.

Home training with a barbell

Feature of home exercises with a barbell is that in a short time, you can successfully upgrade almost all key muscles of the arms. Exercises are very diverse — for both beginners and advanced athletes. Beginners are recommended to use a blank fingerboard, gradually increasing the projectile weight by 1-2 kg after 3-4 weeks of training.

Modern sports equipment stores offer customers a large selection of rods compact sizes, so choose and buy the small and handy shell for homework is not difficult.

Among the most effective and popular exercise for the hands include:

  • deadlifts;
  • press the neck from the chest while lying;
  • lifting barbells above my head at arm’s length;
  • standard broach with the rod;
  • pull rod to the chest in the incline narrow grip;
  • pull the neck to the chest backwards.

This set of exercises successfully develops the biceps and triceps, the work also involved the tendons, the musculature of the upper shoulder girdle and chest (Delta, round muscles, the subscapularis muscles).

Fitness workout for arms with dumbbells

Dumbbells — one of the most popular shells for the development of muscles of hands at home. Besides the fact that this compact vehicle easy to store, regular exercise can also greatly improve the appearance of hands. Dumbbells are especially popular among women: they do not achieve significant muscle building but to get rid of sagging muscles can be very effective.

All effective training for the dumbbell include the following types of physical activity:

  • breeding dumbbells in different directions in an inclined position;
  • bench press dumbbell with one hand on the biceps sitting;
  • the rise and dilution of the shells in different directions in a standing pose;
  • basic dumbbell bench press for biceps;
  • bench press paired shells from the shoulders;
  • “scissors” using dumbbells.

Bodyweight exercises

Fitness training weight as effective as training with weights. The main advantage of such exercises is that in addition to the development owner actively improves strength endurance. The most effective in such trainings develop the triceps and small muscles of the hands, and successfully worked the ligaments and tendons, which improves their elasticity.

The most popular loads for the hands with their weight at home include:

  • basic pushups;
  • static side plank on the forearms;
  • push-UPS from any support;
  • reverse push-UPS;
  • pull-UPS on a home pull-up bar;
  • push-UPS with wide and narrow setting of the arms;
  • pullups with a narrow grip bars;
  • pushups with cotton.

Useful tips on the exercises

To get the best results from your home training for your hands, it is recommended to follow the important rules. They will help to fix the result, to avoid injuries and training stagnation.

  • Increase physical activity gradually, don’t start training with heavy weight.
  • Single spend strength training 3-4 times a week. If weight training is included in a combined complex along with cardio for overall weight loss, no more than 2 times a week.
  • Between days of classes, be sure to make rest days to avoid overstrain of the organism.
  • Vary the intensity, add weight and change the nature of the motion. Sometimes change the types of physical activity to ensure that the classes were not similar.
  • Control their breathing. On the inhale take increased action of the moments of relaxation should fall on the exhale.
  • Lifting of hands, study the terrain and to improve aesthetics should be addressed in more sets and fewer repetitions (e.g., 4-5 sets of 8-10 repetitions at a fast pace). For increasing the volume of the arms fit mode with fewer sets, but a large number of repetitions (for example, 2-3 sets of 20-25 repetitions at a moderate pace).
  • Adherence to rules and systematic execution of the load will allow even at home to achieve beautiful hands with an attractive relief and toned muscles.

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