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Fitness and the types of male physique: tips on how to design

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Fitness and the types of male physique: tips on how to design

The contents

  • Fitness and body types
  • Exercise for men asthenic type
  • Fitness training for men endomorphic type
  • Exercises for men mesomorphic physique

Each person is unique and, despite having the same anatomical structure, the body’s response to external stimuli will be unique. This applies to all spheres of life: from preferences in food and allergic reactions to different kinds of exposure to mental and physical abilities. This factor of uniqueness must be considered in any human activity (physical activity and fitness is no exception) that the work was effective and gave the expected positive results.

Fitness and body types

Before you begin to actively perform physical exercises, you need to carefully consider the benefits, technique and contraindications of a particular type fitness load and adequately assess the natural data and the level of physical training. First of all, it concerns such factors as:

  • General health (absence of diseases and injuries).
  • The cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system and muscles, ie, the willingness of the body to heavy loads during exercise.
  • Constitution type or body type.

If the first two important factors do not hinder the fitness training, you need to carefully study the third to pick up an individual fitness program that would most effectively affect the body. For ease of classification there are currently 3 types of body Constitution:

  • Normosthenic (mesomorphy).
  • Hypersthenic (endomorphy).
  • Asthenic (ectomorphic).

Each type requires a detailed study with the right program of fitness classes.

Exercise for men asthenic type

People with this Constitution are narrow, shoulders and thoracic and General thinness because the layer of subcutaneous fat is thin and the bones and muscles — lightweight and long. Also they have a thin wrist and limb.

Male astenika necessary to carry out the military fitness training to make the body of masculinity, strength development and endurance. However, to expect a quick positive result. For astenikov good physical shape is a long and hard work, which needs to start with the implementation strategovic (stretching) exercise designed to make muscles more elastic and joints more flexible and mobile. Then gradually we must add weight training to increase muscle mass and body size.

Fitness classes for astenikov should be short, but most intense that calories don’t have time to restartitis in vain, and was directed exclusively to increasing muscle tissue. The basis of the exercises should be basic exercises which can enhance testosterone, for example, presses lying and standing, squats with weights, deadlifts. The recommended frequency of sessions — not more than 45 minutes 2-3 times a week.

Power fitness training should always be combined with proper nutrition. Significantly speed up the appearance of the results will help balanced diet with calorie counting. Sweets should be extremely limited, and garnish is recommended to use brown rice. The rate of protein for men — 2-3 g per 1 kg of body weight.

Fitness training for men endomorphic type

Men endomorphy externally stocky, with fairly heavy bones, but soft-muscled, have a wide and short thoracic and neck are often inclined to obesity.

Exercise for endomorphs, first and foremost, must be directed against the fullness and the second to build up the muscle hidden under a thick layer of fat. For these purposes, best suited cyclic fitness training, is able to rebuild the body to lose weight, a gradual recruitment of muscle mass and the formation of the relief. Force the program to increase the volume of muscles it is desirable to select individually after consultation with a specialist, and then alternate cardio and toning training.

Intense, frequent and long running to burn fat for hypersthenic type of Constitution is ineffective. More effective is a combination of warm-UPS, Jogging or any other cardio and strength exercise. The lion’s share of success for the formation of a beautiful figure with endomorphic body structure is a proper diet with minimal amounts of fat and low in carbohydrates (not more than 100 g per day), which should be consumed 30 minutes before and after fitness. The main part of the diet should be proteins and food rich in calcium, magnesium and amino acids. Excessive abstinence from food and fasting is common mistakes that lead to even more weight gain later.

Exercises for men mesomorphic physique

This type of body Constitution are also called athletic. It is inherent in a developed chest and square shoulders, a massive skeleton and proportion of the limbs to the torso, no fat. Mesomorphy can become excellent by bodybuilders, if not ruin the natural data an incorrect lifestyle, diet and lack of exercise.

Too zealous with the amount of training is not necessary — enough time training 2-3 times a week. The base load should be strength training with maximum weights, but with a small number of repetitions (5-7 times). Ideally, the lesson should consist of such motor activity:

  • power fitness exercises;
  • aerobic exercise;
  • physical exercise to work through the terrain.

Men normosthenic physique to achieve results in fitness need a kind of marathon exercise — short but extremely intense training. Also a great influence on the result of having proper nutrition, without which even with a great source of physical data mesomorphy begin to gain weight. A strict diet may not be necessary, but it’s necessary to eat wholesome, healthy and natural products with a high content of protein, calcium and omega-3 fatty acids. It is not excluded the use of nutritional sports supplements that will help to maintain and accelerate gains in muscle mass.

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