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Fitness and office: how to combine exercise and work?

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Fitness and office: how to combine exercise and work?
The contents

  • The purpose of training
  • The combination of work and training
  • Morning workout
  • Classes at lunchtime
  • Evening workout
  • Shift schedule and training
  • How to do effective strength exercises
  • Body workout during mental work
  • Workout with heavy physical loads at work

The people who watch over the health and seek to maintain the body in shape, regularly attending the gym. But sometimes extra physical exertion it is difficult to fit into work schedule. Understanding the purposes of learning, awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and a desire to achieve results will help to make the training schedule.

The purpose of training

Schedule of classes in the gym depends on why a person needs to workout.

  • Whoever wants to win the title in bodybuilding, must be carried out in the hall a lot of time. He will have to follow the diet to a regime of rest. It is not always feasible with a standard five-day working week. The main condition in this situation is not to have a lot of physical activity at work, so the body has time to recover after workouts.
  • If an athlete has great sporting ambitions and engaged for himself, he also need to exercise regularly, eat right and get enough rest. But to do all he can do not these strict rules, as a professional athlete.

The combination of work and training

If an athlete has a non-standard work schedule is “floating”, “days through three”, “two through two” — it is easier to draw up a training plan with the necessary recovery time between them.

The most common five-day working week with working hours from 8:00 to 17:00 or from 9:00 to 18:00 and a lunch break in the middle of the day.

For athletes with such conditions to fit the next workout:

  • morning;
  • dining;
  • evening.

Morning workout

Morning classes in the hall for those who don’t have long to get to work. Basically, fitness centers start working at 8 am, some at 7. Therefore, if the person’s productive time in the first half of the day, you should find a round-the-clock sports club or train at home.

The effectiveness of exercise in the home depends on the purpose and type of load.

  • Build muscle at home without special equipment and simulators impossible. If creating a home gym is unrealistic, it is better to move the class to another time of the day or work out at the club, getting the desired results.
  • If physical activity is needed to lose weight and make the body resilient, it is possible to train at home. Regularly doing aerobic exercise, doing Jogging and eating right, you can already during the first two weeks to notice the first changes.

Classes at lunchtime

In the United States and some other countries is a common practice when the gym is in the office. Often the employer requires employees required to attend training. It is believed that such a system helps to save employee time to get to the gym. Such a social responsibility management is a positive response and the loyalty of subordinates. Employee productivity is growing.

We have such a situation is rare. If you subtract the average time to get to the gym and back to shower and change for practice is 40 minutes.

Well, if the fitness center is in walking distance. Then in the afternoon you can practice in the empty hall, as at this time there are usually few visitors.

We should not forget about the necessity for 1-2 hours before class to accept a portion of a balanced diet. It is also not always possible in the workplace.

Evening workout

The largest influx of visitors in fitness centers takes place from 17:30 to 18:00.

At this time, to simulators queues, what is the downside of our evening classes.

Visiting the gym 3 times a week, not only in the short term to build muscle to give the body firmness and endurance. When exercise becomes a healthy habit, raised the overall tone, improves mood.

Hard day, stress, insufficient or poor diet can to the end of the day to reduce the level of energy. The desire to feel sorry for yourself and skip practice “just this once” is often the reason that man leaves the room.

The only way to avoid this is to go to the gym. You can promise yourself not drunk much today, do not the entire program. The main thing in this situation is to be at the simulator. Other athletes around, the atmosphere of the hall will give a boost of energy, and exercise will become easier.

Any habit is formed in about a month. The body remembers the positive emotions that cause classes. So, very soon the training becomes necessary. Those who for some reason is forced to skip them, feels the discomfort, and a burning desire to get back to the gym.

Shift schedule and training

To combine work and training during shift chart is quite simple. The advantage of this mode of operation for the athlete, attending gym, is the ability to choose for fitness training any time of the day.

A guideline for establishing training plan will be the health of the athlete and his personal productive time. Someone for a “swinging” and more active after lunch, the main business is prescribed for the morning, because you feel fatigued in the late afternoon. You should perform a personal activity chart, find the peak moments. It is in these hours of sport will be most effective.

How to do effective strength exercises

Not to come to the gym exhausted emotionally and physically, you have all day to observe the following rules.

  • Eat several times a day. The breaks between meals should not exceed two hours. The one who builds up the muscles, maybe one of the snacks to replace the protein shake.
  • Possible we should strive to save energy, to eliminate tedious physical activity.

Body workout during mental work

Mental labor as physical activity, requires energy. Therefore, it is important eat a healthy diet to provide the body with necessary macro – and micronutrients.

Stress is harmful, it can be emotionally exhausting. To avoid unrest and nervous overloads, saving power for training.

Workout with heavy physical loads at work

Muscle recovery between workouts is necessary for their successful build-up.

A heavy physical workload on the main job leads to the fact that the body has no time to relax. There are several ways to smooth out the effect of hard work on the training results.

  • ·attempt to use every opportunity to relax on the job is to stay between jobs, sleeping in the break.
  • Sports nutrition in the form of pre-workout complexes before training helps the body replenish energy and gives energy.
  • After a workout to restore energy and support muscle growth you need to take creatine and protein-carbohydrate mixture.

Find ways to combine fitness training and the work is easy, if you have a properly set goal and real motivation to achieve it.

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