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Fitness and not very useful: how to choose?

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Fitness and not very useful: how to choose?
The contents

  • Fitness: good and bad
  • Swimming for weight loss and health
  • Badminton for mood
  • Nordic walking: fitness classes for the joints
  • Fitness for weight loss: bike
  • A beautiful and useful dance
  • The beautiful and dangerous sport: skiing
  • Football for women
  • Jogging
  • Videos
  • Strength training for women

A hundred years ago a man who had committed a morning jog through the streets of the city, looked with surprise. And so two hundred and fifty years ago it would have considered abnormal. Nowadays everything has changed and fitness has become an important part of the lives of almost everyone.

Fitness: good and bad

Every day we have to hear about what fitness classes are incredibly beneficial to human health. And that without endless hours of expiring, then in the gym cannot be healthy and have a beautiful trained body. And if the man leaves the fitness classes, you can immediately turn into incredibly thick, ever-suffering character with a gelatinous mass, instead of muscles. In fact, fitness is different therefore, selecting the wrong kind, can harm their health. Today we will talk about what stress, according to doctors, are harmful and which beneficial. Let’s start with the latter.

Swimming for weight loss and health

Swimming lessons help in the treatment of scoliosis, and osteoarthritis, increase joint flexibility, help to get rid of the abdomen, promote weight loss, stimulate the activity of internal organs.

This fitness slimming and strengthening of health helps to increase the overall stamina of the person and has almost no contraindications. By the way, thanks to the light schedule and the effectiveness of such physical activity on the body swimming was included in the list of rehabilitation measures in the postoperative period.

Badminton for mood

The main and most apparent benefit of playing badminton is not on a professional level is to strengthen the overall tone, and improving psychological state. Regular games help to strengthen the heart and normalize blood pressure. Moreover, watching Voldemort’s eyes disappeared accumulated while sitting at the computer fatigue. They even say that badminton help to improve vision in myopia. However, scientific evidence of this hypothesis do not yet exist.

Nordic walking: fitness classes for the joints

Some fitness classes are not recommended for diseases of the joints. In this case, will help Nordic walking. For example, people suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee joints, it helps in the treatment of this disease. And healthy is a good prevention of its occurrence. Thanks to additional support load while walking is distributed to all joints and muscle groups evenly, that the most positive impact on the musculoskeletal system.

Fitness for weight loss: bike

Cycling helps improve metabolism. Moreover, it is great fitness for weight loss. Scientists have even proven the fact that the women involved in this kind of fitness, the climax comes five years later than women who are not compatible with the bike. Well the fact that in the process of riding a two-wheeled horse the load is distributed evenly over the entire leg, from foot to hip. It helps in strengthening the muscles of the lower extremities and ensure their harmony. But the fairer sex who dream about a beautiful and toned buttocks can also get them with a regular about time Cycling.

A beautiful and useful dance

Dancing is a fitness and art at the same time. Besides the fact that it is a very aesthetic appearance of fitness, dance classes help improve posture and strengthen the back muscles. Especially good in this respect, the Spanish dances, in particular, the Paso Doble and flamenco.

The effect of such activities will be visible very soon — the woman improves gait, changing the position of the head movement more fluid and graceful. In addition, the dances have a beneficial effect on the mental state of a person, help cope with the complexes, to feel free and to receive a charge of good mood.

The beautiful and dangerous sport: skiing

Now let’s talk fitness, shall we say, not always useful. First in the list of “outsiders” is skiing. Like any extreme sport, downhill skiing is the risk of injury, sometimes quite serious. In addition, downhill on a hard track is not the most favorable way affect the health of the joints and spinal column.

Football for women

Muscle mass in women is less than men, and this suggests that the ability of knee to absorb shock have worse. As a result, this leads to the fact that women are more likely than men, run the risk of injury of the knee joint while playing football. Such injuries often lead to the development of serious forms of arthritis, which over time can progress. Perhaps that is why some former players have sooner or later to do the surgery on the knee joint.


Running has long been considered fitness for weight loss and improving the overall condition of the body. It is really so. However, there is this sport its negative sides. Long marathons, as well as the short run, may not the best way to influence the state of the musculoskeletal system, particularly the spine and joints of the lower extremities. The problem is that when running the main shock on his feet seven times more than walking at a moderate pace. Moreover, it is not quite correct running technique leads to an increase in load on the knees, ankle and spine, which can cause the displacement of the vertebrae. All this increases the probability of formation of minor wounds, cartilage and intervertebral discs, which sometimes provokes the development of arthritis and arthrosis.


This is a very popular and exciting form of fitness. In addition, the rollers are safer than running, because load on the knees in this case is twice less. However, people with problems of the vestibular apparatus from the lessons in this sport should be abandoned.

Strength training for women

Intense exercise can provoke the disorders of the female reproductive system. In the end, there are difficulties with conception and birth of a child. However, such side effects only occur in case of improper techniques perform strength exercises or high intensity exercises.

Choosing a fitness, consult your doctor. And don’t overdo it — a good thing in moderation.

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